Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bohemian Summers of Huntington Beach

OCThen reader MichelleM remembers her summers in Huntington Beach, living an almost bohemian lifestyle all day and night in the uptopian world of an OC beach town...

it is hard to concentrate on one thing....but the summers in h.b. were what i remember. hanging out at the round stone tables on the peir, eating french toast at vics on the beach.....the end cafe, the other end cafe! the gameroom under the pier, those discusting bathrooms we used so often because we all lived on the beach from am to pm during the summer. the nights at the golden bear, and after partys at those old one room apartments overlooking main street. playing pool at the standard market with the juke box playing......ahhhh- memories! there will never be another "old huntington", i feel sorry for todays youth, they will never experience those carefree days we had.
Boy, what a contrast to the gangs, knife fights, and police sirens of the Santa Ana I grew up in during the 1970s and 80s.


  1. "...those discusting bathrooms we used so often because we all lived on the beach from am to pm during the summer."

    What's so fun about that?

    Southern California beaches are home to some of the dirtiest, filtiest, most unsanitary people you will ever find, who scare away clean, decent citizens who might want to come and enjoy the coastline every once in a while.

  2. It's hard to convey to people today what a great time that was to grow up and live in Orange County, particularly Huntington Beach. It's more than just the iconic "surf city", it was a lot more people-oriented, fun, carefree way of life. Everyone I know who has left there and travels back to see it again, is so disappointed in what it has become. It lives on in our memories, however.

  3. you go H.B. anyone remember wildoats (hippie store on main st.)and the phyic shop next to el don liqiuor. or the slot car place next to that..?(yeah, iam an exhippie.. the surf theater or the beer bar on the pier, a small place and great if you get a seat with a pitcher watching the sunset.the commune homes 20 folks inna house. i used to get in trouble back then and the cops would just drive us home to let our parents deal with it. those were the days and i still travel there now and then. how many of you do i know frommy youth?

  4. any H.B. memories or contacts lets e-mail Iam at perhaps we were friends then? i was a kid to adult from 1960's to 1980s lets share

  5. I have took noteof all your posts but facebook etc. is not my fortay' so once again my e-mail is and once again I do recall all the places you have all posted! which includes fountain valley FVHS class of 72? i ferget..Ha.

  6. Summer of '69. Does anyone remember the record store located on the south side of Main near PCH right where the alley to the Golden Bear came off Main? Were you ever in "The Vault" (blacklighted room) in the back? Did you ever meet Tobey and her monkey Coco who often got away and climbed a palm tree?

  7. we would ride the bus from whittier to huntington beach stay all day until you where fried like a lobster (had to eat the strips)take the last bus home or hitch hike what were we thinking oh yeah fun!!!!

  8. Huntington St, Lifeguard tower 9 from before the put the statue of the naked ass surfer on PCH. Bike ride down Newland to Indianpolis and then through the HB ghetto to the beach


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