Sunday, March 22, 2009

Knott's Berry Farm versus Tom's Farms

Anonymous writes about Knott's Berry Farm back during a time when it was a dirt lot and free to get in...

Speaking of Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland! I remember the dirt parking lot and chickens! And it was free to get in! No log ride yet. I remember when it was getting built and the excitement of it all. And Disneyland... remember the tickets for the rides. "E" tickets were the best but you only got like 3! Of course "A" tickets were the sucky rides and you got like 6! But you could use the ticket book for next time. That's when Disneyland was affordable! I was just at, is it Downtown Disney? Its been over 20 since I've lived in Orange County. So many people... so little land!
Just south of Corona, along the I-15, is a place called Tom's Farms. Everytime I go there, I think of Knott's Berry Farm, and wonder if it looks anything like Knott's Berry Farm from those very old days.

Tom's Farms is still largely a glorified produce stand, with a shop for wine and cheese, a furniture store, a candy shop, a mexican restaurant, and a burger shop. But it also has a Merry-go-Round, a shooting gallery, a train ride, a large duck pond with live band, and even some carnval rides. And the place keeps adding more stuff all the time.



    1955 Disneyland had the "E" Tickets for the rides.
    Knotts Berry Farm Dirt roads Admission Free around the late 40's.
    Was there few times for there Sundays Fried Chicken Dinners.
    The Chicken was pan fried.

  2. Knott's Berry Farm was the old West town, Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner restaurant and Virginia's Gift Shop, plus TWO rides on the north end of that park: the carousel, and old model-T cars you could actually drive - no track! My first 'driving' experience! The park was free, parking was free, and tickets for either ride were maybe 10 cents each. They also had a small stand by the rides that sold boysenberry juice. This was about 1960.

  3. As a guy who used to collect those tickets at Disneyland, you could buy the tickets in 10- or 15-ticket books. The 15 had 5-E, 4-D, 3-C, 2-B and 1-A. The 10 had 3-E, 3-D, 2-C, 1-B and 1-A. So, whoever said the books had 6-A's is mistaken. The good part was that you could take the old tickets wih you if you didn't use them all on your last visit. If you had enough you could just pay for general admission and use your old tickets. Or if you just wanted to go dancing at Tomorrowland Terrace you could buy the general admission. There were also ticket booths all over the park to buy additional tickets.


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