Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wild Punk Parties in Santa Ana

"Xpunker" recalls a time in Santa Ana where there were some pretty wild punk parties...
Does anybody out there remember the punk parties at the "white house" in santa ana located on first st between bristol and flower in 1990-1991? That was when the punk scene was out of control in the OC. This guy I think his name was Rudy threw the wildest parties in that part of town. Live punk bands like Violent Outrage, Dogma Mudista, MFR and Total Chaos with a crazy mosh pit in the backyard of an empty house. Thanks dude for the great times.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Serna's Mexican Restaurant - Dana Point

Isaac O. remembers eating at Serna's Mexican Restaurant in Dana Point...
anyone remember sernas mexican resteraunt? on pacific coast hwy. in dana point across the street from capistrano beach back in the 1960's - 1975 the owners lupe serna and daughters martha and [ cora a.k.a. guerra]
excellant tacos enchilladas chili rejguennos
good old memories and food. thy were my cousins
we got to eat for free, mmm, i miss them all,l.o.l Isaac O.

Dana Point seems to have some really good mexican restaurants, most notably Olamendi's, a favorite hangout of President Richard Nixon, and El Patio. As for Serna's Mexican Restaurant, I've heard of it. But I did a Google search and found a post saying that there was a Henry's Mexican Restaurant in Dana Point, that was run by a Serna family.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A "Captain's" Restaurant in Seal Beach

Anonymous remembers going to a restaurant in Seal Beach named "Captain's" something, but can't recall the whole name...
I've lived in Orange County since 1982, but in the LA area since 1959. Back in the 60's, when my Aunt & Uncle lived in Los Alamitos, we used to go to a restaurant on the water in Seal Beach. My best recollection was that it was called The Captain's Inn or Table. I believe it's long gone but have never been able to find any information about it, or even confirm the name. Even my cousins don't remember it.

The same conversations went on for years about a drive-in that I remember being located at the corner of PCH and MacArthur. I finally found an online reference to The Zoo, though my cousins still don't recall it.

I'd really love some help with the 'Captain's' in Seal Beach.

I think he's talking about Captain Jack's Prime Rib & Seafood, which is technically in Sunset Beach, just south of Seal Beach. Captain Jack's has been there since 1956, so it would have been in the time frame.

But Captain Jack's is still in operation.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Which Park Had This Aluminum Slide?

OCThen reader "Billy" writes about a long aluminum slide he remembers as a kid, but can't remember where the park was. He wants to take his kids there...
Hello, Steve
Stumbled across your site. Wow! I was born in Garden Grove and lived in Buena Park and Fullerton till '77. I always returned and visited often for I had the best memories living here. My late great mother use to take us to all sorts of parks, beaches, shows and events all the time. Loved being out and about!!

Recently I moved back and I remembered a special park my mother use to take us to. It was in the hills somewhere with a very long aluminum slide (at least it was long when I was 3 or 4 years old) and it was embedded into the ground. The slide started on top of a grassy area. As you slid down, you could not see the area you started from and eventually ended up in a sandy playground with a 15ft long (I think) horizontal ending. I remember it being a long ride. Still to this day I remember it fondly. I remember riding with my mother, brother and sister. My dad does not remember this park for he worked long hours. I have been driving all over OC and can not find this place. I have children of my own and would LOVE to have them relive the memories I once did and ride the slide again for my mom....

Cool Web Site!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chicken Delight of Buena Park

John Burton asks if anyone remembers the Chicken Delight restaurant in Buena Park...
Does anyone remember The Chicken Delight on the corner of LaPalma and Knott in B.P.

Actually, another OCThen reader, "Amber" recalled the same restaurant in a memory I posted last April entitled, "Memories of Anaheim in the 1960s"...
I remember "..don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight.. we deliver.."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Newport Elementary School - Memories

Anonymous submits some memories of attending Newport Elementary School...
Newport Elementary; sand in the hightops that weren't allowed in the house; watching epic pipeline comes to newport from the blacktop during recess and lunch; looking for the witch on the corner house south of the school; fifth grade beating the "murderers row" sixth grade softball team; went there kindergarden to sixth grade; we performed "gloria" on our final day in the auditorium; thank you all for the memories!

And another anonymous reader has this to share as well...
Does anyone remember Miss Moyer at Newport Elementary? She dove for my foul pop-up and skinned her knee on the blacktop! It was fourth grade she taught; Quite a looker and a fine athlete.

Anyone out there attend Newport Elementary?

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Park With a "Dragon Slide"

Norkio remembers a park that had a "dragon slide", and wonders what the name of the park was...
I have wonderful memories of a park that I never really knew the name of. We called it Dragon Park because it had the Dragon Slide! It was a long cement slide that wound its way down the side of a hill and the bottom was the dragon's mouth. Along side the slide were well tended bushes, and behind the bushes were the "secret" trails we would use to sneak up on our friends. We often took a picnic and played there all day. This was during the 70s although I have no idea where in OC this park is. I would love to know the name of it since it was such a magical place for kids!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Model Airplanes at Carbon Canyon Park

Anonymous writes about flying model airplanes at Carbon Canyon Regional Park...
Does anyone remember flying control-line (U-Control) model airplanes at Carbon Canyon Regional Park? For a few years after we moved to OC in 1976 my husband was involved in the hobby with some guys he worked with. My baby son and I usually tagged along on their outings. The planes were fast and had noisy gas engines, so they needed a big open area away from homes.

We went to Carbon Canyon today for the first time since his flying days, and we couldn't find anyplace there that looked as though it could have ever accommodated such an activity. So we were wondering if anyone else's flying memories were better than ours.

The park actually had 2 or 3 large concrete "donuts" specifically made for the sport.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Banzai Mini Cycle Park in Anaheim

Anonymous remembers the Banzai Mini Cycle Park ...
Anyone remember Banzai Mini Cycle Park? It was across Walnut from Angel Stadium where a fire training facility is now. Right next to the Santa Ana River. They only allowed bikes of 100 cc's or less if I remember right. I had a Suzuki 90 at the time so I spent some time over there.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Wild Wild Wet in Anaheim

Anonymous asks if anyone remembers going to Wild Wild Wet...
Does anyone remember "WILD WILD WET" the waterpark that used to be off of the 5 freeway in Anaheim? It was located at the site where the BANCO POPULAR building now stands. It was next to the Sheraton Hotel.

This would have been in the 1970s and early 1980s. It was a concrete water slide in Anaheim, right off the I-5. I never went there, but I remember seeing the ads, and the television commercials for it. My wife went there once.

Also, another reader, "Daveondemand", submits a memory of going to a water park, but can't recall the name of the park. I believe he's also remembering Wild Wild Wet...
I recall a small waterslide park located just North of Ball road and what used to be Manchester (now Disneyland drive or something like that). Does anyone remember what it was called or seen any pictures of it? Currently, there is a Banco Popular building where I think it used to be along with that expressway that leads directly from the 5 fwy into the "Disneyland Resort Megastructure" I remember going to this water park in the early 80's and wiping out really bad. It felt like I swallowed half of the pool...There were so many other entertaining things to do in that general area i.e the mini golf place across the street from Disneyland on Harbor (next to what used to be Melodyland"), and the "slic Track" go-karts off the 5 freeway next to the Corvette Mike's original location between Ball and Lincoln...ahhh the memories

Thursday, January 21, 2010

When John Wayne Visited Knotts Berry Farm

Anonymous describes when John Wayne visited Knott's Berry Farm to be the first person to ride the Log Ride...
When I was 16 I got my first "real" job. I was a bus boy at the Steakhouse at Knotts berry Farm. My first girlfriend, Charlene Scott worked at the grill. But that's another story.

It was 1969 and they were just completing the log ride. It was really cool. They let us ride it all we wanted after work.

Well, John Wayne came one day to dedicate it by being the "first" one to ride it. Anyway I was at the time clock punching in and to my suprise Mr. Wayne was walking straight for me. It was just him and me. I was so stunned I just stared at him. He looked at me and smiled and said "Well, howr you!" I really don't remember what or if I said anything.

Later on I took a break in our common break room where I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Lost Community of Bryant

Anonymous writes about living in an old community called "Bryant", near Garden Grove, during the 1950s...
My folks bought a home in the old Highland Subdivision (basically the homes between Chapman and Orangewood and Magnolia and HWY 39) in 1953. We lived on Dale Street a few houses down from Orangewood.

I was the first kindergarten class to attend Bryant Elementary School which opened in 1956. The school was named for the old farming community Bryant that use to be there in the 1940's. I attended elementary school there and later went to Marie L Hare Intermediate. Dale Street was the boundary between Garden Grove and the County that still had an Anaheim address. Our neighbors across the street were in Anaheim and we were in Garden Grove.

I also attended Rancho Alamitos and remember it being built. To the west of Rancho use to be a dairy farm and when playing out on the fields you could smell the cows.

I am posting because I read a comment about Atlantis Land. I remember it very well although I didn't not play there because it was too far away. It was tucked within the park where Bolsa Grande High School is. I remember the grand opening because the Garden Grove Theater played the 1961 Geopge Pal movie Atlantis the Lost Continent.

One of my earliest memories is standing in a huge line filled with kids wanting to see the matinee showing of the 1958 7th Voyage of Sinbad at the Garden Grove Theater. There was a vacant lot next to the theater and a line of kids encircled the entire lot. In fact the first matinee was sold out and we had to wait for the 2nd showing but that's what you did. Mom gave me 50 cents and I bought admissions and popcorn with that.

Lots of good memories at the old Garden Grove Theater at the old Garden Grove Plaza.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Restaurants of Orange County

Anonymous writes of some old restaurants in Orange County that perhaps no longer exist...

This is a great web site! I'm always remembering old restaurants in Orange County that bit the dust years ago. What a time trip!

During the 1960s and 1970s, one of my favorite restaurants was Kono Hawaii. My most vivid memories of that place were the entertainment and the delicious ginger salad dressing. Actually everything they served was of impeccable quality, including the Mai Tais!

In the late 1970s, all the employees at Ford Aerospace would trek over to the Gorda Liz Restaurant in Newport Beach for lunch. I was sad to hear about it's closing. That was truly a one-of-a-kind place! Another popular restaurant with the Ford crowd was Isidore's in Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Hwy. I remember that their buffet was pretty good.

One restaurant no one here mentioned is the old Ricky Rickshaw Chinese restaurant near John Wayne Airport circa mid- to late 1970s. They had a fantastic Chinese chicken salad, and their chicken curry was good, too!

El Paso Cantina on Harbor & Adams had a wonderful chicken enchilada with verde sauce, and my husband still mourns the loss of those perfect flour tortilla chips they would serve with the salsa!

I often went to Baxter's on Walnut Avenue and Culver during the 1980s. I always ordered the "Parisian Picnic," which was a Caesar salad with fried brie, along with Baxter's special sweet bread. (This is making me salivate!)

Over the decades, I've also missed Seafood Broiler, Belgian Waffle, and Jolly Roger.

Mama Cozza's and Salvatore's were mentioned in here, and I remember those as being outstanding restaurants. I remember that Salvatore's would give you food for an army!

Carls Jr. is still with us, but do you remember that Italian baked potato they used to serve at the South Coast Plaza store in the late 1970s? They would mash up the potato, adding butter. Then they would top it with marinara sauce, black olives, green onions, and Italian sausage rounds. Too bad they stopped serving those, but of course, I had to invent my own!

I can add to that list, the original BJ's Pizzeria, on 17th street in Santa Ana, just a block east of Bristol. We used to eat there in the early 1980s. It was the first restaurant in the current BJ's Restaurant and Brewery. That location is no longer there, but they used to have red & white checkered table cloths, and saw dust all over the floor.

Of course, who can't remember The Barn, on Red Hill Ave and Edinger in Tustin?

Monday, January 18, 2010

When Tumbleweeds Drew City Boundaries

Anonymous talks about her memories of growing up in Orange County from the late 1960s to the late 1970s, and lists out a laundry list of items she recalls...
Hi, I've grown up in OC all my life. From the late 60's on...

I remember up until the late 70's you could drive down Beach Blvd. and head north and see where each town began and ended. There would be a few small buildings, then tumbleweeds, then more buildings, then tumbleweeds, and so on...

as a little girl, I had seen the "caller" the old man who would jump in the street and yell at you to go to the Pottery Shack in Laguna Beach (jumped out right in heavy traffic too); Farrell's and A&W on Beach Blvd.(with real glass frosty mugs, tray hung from your window as you ate in the car; Back Alley Pizza at Magnolia and Adams-the inside was all mirrored with a road and real curbs on the floor, great pizza; Japanese Village and Deer Farm in Buena Park; Movieland Wax Museum; The alligator farm; the old drive-in movies on Beach Blvd and on Brookhurst sts; when you could go to the beach and park across pch on the sand,there was nothing there just a street light to cross the street; Lion Country Safari (now wild rivers)Naugles in HB became Arby's on Brookhurst, when they started building "restaurant row" of fast foods there.

You used to see horses being ridden up and down Magnolia in HB (and the tumbleweeds)until the OC bus system went in... Leonards dept store; Toy City; Kmart across the street-when you enter the store, there was a greeter, and a counter where they sold sub sandwiches, butter toffee peanuts, etc. and a cafe at the back of the store where you could have taquitos, burgers etc. and get a dessert ice cream in a plastic football helmet-my brother collected a lot of those... Farrell's pig's trough-my brother got the ribbon...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Old Landfill or Pit in Fountain Valley

Anonymous writes about memories of playing in a landfill or pit in Fountain Valley during the 1970s...
i grew up in Fountain Valley in the 70's and i remember going to kind of like a land fill/pit, but it was a place that kids could come and build forts. You would climb down/repel using a rope and down in this pit/land fill, it was really huge there were pieces of scrap wood all over the place and kids would build forts sometimes 2 to 3 story forts. You could always add on to existing forts. There also was a huge lake there and you could float out on it using old cable spools. there also was a big rope swing. Does anyone remember this????

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