Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old Films About Knott's Berry Farm

Bill Beeman, one of the original members of the WagonMasters, submits the following e-mail about a couple of old films about Knott's Berry Farm...

November 29, 2006

In the late fifties there were two made for TV films about Knotts Berry Farm by Bill Burred Productions. "A FAMILY BUILDS A MOUNTAIN," about the Gold Mine Ride and "COME AND GET IT," about The Chicken Dinner Dining Room and Momma Knott's kitchen. The films were in black and white. They were aired several times on Los Angeles Stations and were later made available from Knotts in 16 mm sound for loan to Schools and various organizations. Background music for "A FAMILY BUILDS A MOUNTAIN" was performed by, Billy Beeman and Harvey Walker. I had a copy of the film that I showed in a number of Garden Grove Schools while I was teaching there in the 1960s. I do not know what happened to the films after the passing of Walter Knott. If anyone knows whether or not a print of "A FAMILY BUILDS A MOUNTAIN" is still around, please contact me,

Billy Beeman
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Memories of Newport Beach, 1965

Here is an e-mail I received today from someone who grew up in Newport Beach during the 1960's...
Nice job on OC then. Wow, I didn't realize I was old enough to be part of history. I keep thinking I am still in my 20's (which was decades ago).

My family moved to Newport Beach from Los Angeles in 1965. six of us lived in a tiny apartment on the peninsula for the summer - on Alvarado street.
We moved up the cliffs and lived near Dover shores but not quite in Dover shores.

I could write a lot, but I'll keep it short. My siblings and I became freed birds. Living in LA, there was a lot of crime, and safety. Living in Newport Beach, not! Everywhere we went we could venture in vacant lots, making forts, riding bikes. WE'd ride our 1 speed sting ray bikes 5 miles to the beach. I remember watching Fashion Island being built, and UC Irvine. WE'd go to the back bay to watch remote control airplanes (before they built houses on the cliffs). When we wanted to drive to the country, we'd head out to the orange groves - which are now Irvine. There was nothing but farm land, yes, even where south coast plaza was.

Boy, this area has changed!
Patti M
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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Circus Near Knott's Berry Farm

Thayla, an OCThen reader, e-mailed me asking if there had been some kind of circus located near Knott's Berry Farm. I don't know the answer, so I thought I'd put it out to everyone...
Hi Steve,
I used to live right on La Palma and Holder in the early 60`s. I was wondering . Do you recall a circus where the barn is at now for the Knotts stagecoach horses. I was told that there was a circus was the before the Knotts took it over . I do remember the pottery store and the Alligator Farm but I cant seem to remember what was next to them on La Palma & western .Was there a Circus ??
Thanks Bunches Thayla Barrett
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