Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Old McDonald's Farm

Joanne Suttile, a new OCThen reader submits the following e-mail about her memories of Orange County, and asks if anyone remembers "Old McDonald's Farm" in Mission Viejo...
Reading your web site has made me feel a little nostalgic...and a lot "old". I used to think of Jim Sleeper's history of Orange County as the history of OC, but now I realize that the recent "history" is actually stuff I and my family lived...Japanese Village, Lion Country Safari…and other places you don't mention like Old McDonald's Farm in Mission Viejo.

I found your web site while on a search for information about a small science museum near Heritage Park in Irvine. It must have been around in the early 80's and my children...30, 32, and 34 ...remember it well. It closed and was supposed to reopen in a bigger and better location. I believe the name of the museum was The Launch Pad. If you or anyone else knows any more about it, I really would like some details. I am not sure if it has any connection to the Launch Pad in Crystal Court and the subsequent Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, but any information would be helpful.

Joanne Suttile
Mission Viejo
If any of you remember Old McDonald's Farm or know anything about the "small science museum" near Heritage Park, click on "Post a Comment" below and let us know.

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