Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linbrook Family Billiards

Back in the mid-1980s, during my college days, my best friend Greg and I would ride our motorcycles to Linbrook Family Billiards.

It was located in Anaheim, just off the corner of Brookhurst and Lincoln (I think, or maybe Ball). Anyways, it was billed as "family billiards" but it was no place where you'd want to take a family to.

We'd go there on weekend nights and shoot pool. You used to be able to get a table for $3.00 an hour. There'd be groups of folks from all walks of life. Punk rockers, vietnamese, bikers, folks wearing suits, everyone. You'd even see a prostitute hanging around. The patronage was diverse enough that anyone could go there and not feel out of place. I think that's why we went there.

We never saw any rough stuff there, however. For the most part everyone was cordial, and often times other folks would challenge us to a few games. Greg and I were both slightly-above-average pool players, and we'd win half the games when we played others. It was never for money though.

I don't know if Linbrook Family Billiards is still there.

These days I either play on the pool table I have at home, or some friends and I will go down to the High Society Billiards in Temecula. Still, I'll never forget playing at Linbrook.

Skyway and Fireworks at Disneyland

Disneyland SkywaySitting here reading about another blogger's trip to Disneyland made me recall some good times my wife and I used to have at Disneyland.

For a few years in a row we had annual passes to the Happiest Place on Earth, and we'd go there on weekend nights after dinner to enjoy the peaceful rides like the Train, the People Mover, and the Skyway.

On Summer nights, at 9:00pm sharp every night (or was it 9:30?), Disneyland presented their fireworks shows (they still do). We'd try to time things perfectly by getting into line for the Skyway and trying to get aboard just as the fireworks show started. On those times when we timed it perfectly, we were treated to a spetactular show high up in the sky.

Of course the Skyway is long gone. So is the People Mover. While I considered these to be among my favorite rides, I realize not everyone cared for them. But watching a fireworks show high up in the sky is something most folks just can't do anywhere else.

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