Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Fitz Intermediate School

OCThen reader, "Squiddy", asks if anyone here attended Stephen R Fitz Intermediate School in Santa Ana during the 1970s...

Anyone go to Fitz Jr. High in Santa Ana (during the 70s)? My dad (Mr. Peterson) taught math and loved all the students and tried to be corny-funny.

Anyone go to Plavan Elementary in FV?

How about Hye's Pizza or Acoubian's restaurant in FV on the west side of Mile Square Park?
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  1. I went to Fitz in 74/75 and do remember your Dad. He made math fun! -DS

  2. I went to James Monroe Elementary in the 70s and was supposed to go to Fitz for 7th/8th grade and then on to Los Amigos HS. However, my mom was the office manager at Plavan and wanted my brother and I to go there and on to FVHS, which we did. I lost touch with a lot of my K-6 friends because of that switcheroo.

    I fondly remember Akoubian's Deli and Hye's pizza. I grew up on the East side of Mile Square, next to the strawberry field (an asparagus field when we first moved in) over off of Heil and Euclid. My my still lives in that house!

  3. Ted - former Eagle, Falcon and LoboFebruary 17, 2010 6:02 PM

    I attended Fitz in '74/ 75 as well. I had to look up the year book to remember, but yes I remember Mr. Peterson. Great memories being a former falcon. I also attended Heritage elementary and while attending Fitz we won the city park basketball league at heritage. Great fun with Hiram and Jerry and big Clayton. I also ermember Mile square park when all the trees were first planted - look at them now...

  4. I went to Fitz for summer school one summer which also would have been 73/74 (Irvine Inter.) .

    I remember Akoubian's Deli as well. Grew up on north side of MSP. Still drive by there that area from time to time. Remember when the huge eucalyptus were there and Ward and Edinger? And, the south side of Edinger there was one lane, while the north side was two lanes there by MSP. They used to fly model plains a race model cars in the asphalt triangle in the center of MSP. The park was a nicer place then.


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