Friday, March 06, 2009

Welcome to Irvine Ranch Sign

OCThen reader, "richp", of South Coast Divers, remembers a sign along the 405 freeway that depicted a cowboy on horseback, and wonders whatever happened to it...

I remember being a kid while they were building the 405 freeway. I remember a big sign that read, "You are now entering the Irvine Ranch". It was a fancy sign, iron and concrete/stucco and it showed a comboy on horse back, which it was my understanding was, in reference to how the Irvine ranch came to be. What ever happened to that sign? Are there any pictures of it anywhere? I even learned to drive in the area that is now Tustin Marketplace.

I also heard yesterday that Farrell's Ice Cream is coming back to S CA, Good stuff....

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  1. I lived on the Irvine Ranch from 1962 - 1969. My dad was a foreman electrician and the company provided free housing and utilities. The Cowboy on the Horse was the company logo and was on all the company vehicles and I remember it on my dad's company name badge as well. He worked for the Ranch until 1983 and it was still their logo back then. I would hope they saved that sign, since the Ranch no longer exists except in memory.

  2. I remember Irvine Park.My friends and i would ride 12 miles from garden grove on our stingray bikes to ride the hills and hiking trails.We did this during the late 60's early 70's. These were good times.

  3. I live in Texas now, glad to be rid of the state that's doing it's best to commit suicide. The Irvine Ranch logo was a gaucho, I have one of the silhouettes on my fireplace mantle which came from one of the Irvine ranch signs. My father worked there for a number of years and got it for me. I remember Irvine park as well, what a grand destination it was!


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