Monday, September 10, 2007

UFOs Over Orange County

I don't think I've ever witnessed an "unidentified flying object" while living or working in Orange County; it seems like everything I saw flying in the air was something I could recognize.

Though I'm sure others are convinced they've seen alien spacecraft flying over Orange County.

If you're passionate about beings from outer space visiting Orange County, then you might want to check out a website called, "". They have the complete Project Blue Book online, with scanned images of records, and OCR'ed so that you can search by keyword.

Here's a link to their Project Blue Book start page...

Notice the search box on the far right dubbed, "Search this Title". Enter "anaheim", and you'll get hit several hits. Note that a single sighting of a UFO will encompass several pages, thus each hit that shows from a search may be for the same sighting.

Try entering other names of cities, like tustin or westminster. For cities with two names, use quotation marks, such as "santa ana".

There was even a report of a UFO sighting over Disneyland on November 6, 1957, that was determined to be a hoax.

Below is a photo of a UFO dated August, 1965, taken in Santa Ana, which I found in these files...

Santa Ana UFO
Whether or not you believe intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, it's still interesting to peruse Project Blue Book, and see some weird stuff.

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