Thursday, January 27, 2005

Midwood Community Hospital

I went to work for Midwood Community Hospital from August 1989 to May 1990. Midwood was located in Stanton, on Katella Ave, about a block west of Beach Blvd. It used to be known as Stanton Community Hospital.

I handled billing and collections. Our office was set up in the old Stanton City Hall building, located in front of the hospital.

The hospital was kinda ratty. It was next door to the Sheriff's substation. If you visited another hospital's Emergency Room with an ailment that was not critical, and you didn't have any health care insurance, chances are they sent you to Midwood. Because of that, Midwood eventually closed up its ER.

One of the things that was frequently talked about was the day when 60 Minutes came to Midwood to investigate some fraudulent activity. I didn't get the full details of what happened. But the owner of Midwood didn't run the place very well. Rumor had it that the owner bought the hospital as a gift for his wife. He was also a part owner of Mission Medical Center in Mission Viejo, and apparently had some stake in Fountain Valley Regional Medical Center too.

By the time Spring of 2000 came around, the owner decided to turn the place into a psychiatric hospital. They fired almost everyone. Another biller and I were the only ones handling the Accounts Receivables. We had to abandon the old City Hall building, and set up office in one of the patient rooms.

Rumor had it that the owner managed to convince the Sheriff's substation next door to bring the crazy people they dragged off the street and admit them into the hospital. This was done to demonstrate to other psychiatrists that our rooms were filled with patients. I had the job of trying to collect money from these folks. That was impossible.

I finally quit working there, and moved across the street to a worker's comp clinic to do billing and collections. Since then, the hospital is competely gone.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Japanese Village and Deer Park

Japanese Village and Deer Park was a beautiful Japanese garden located in Buena Park, where you could spend a relaxing moment admiring the gardens, watching the deer, or taking in a show. It's long since gone.

Here are some articles we've published about Japanese Village and Deer Park.

AirCal Airlines

AirCalAirCal (Air California) was the airlines that Orange County called its own. It flew out of Orange County International Airport, before they renamed it to John Wayne Airport. Every summer during the 1970's and 1980's I flew aboard AirCal on my way to Seattle to visit my dad.

It was kind of cool to know that Orange County had its own airline service.

There was also "Hughes AirWest", which flew these ugly yellow jetliners out of Orange County also. I think PSA also flew out of OC.

Since then, all these airlines have died.

But you can buy up all kinds of AirCal and Air California memorabilia on eBay...

AirCal stuff...

Air California stuff...

Foothill Ranch

In 1988, my wife and I moved into a condominium in El Toro, off the corner of El Toro Road and Rancho Santa Margarita Parkway. At time, RSM Parkway ended at El Toro Road.

Beyond that, there was nothing. There was no Foothill Ranch. No WalMart, no Ralphs, no Mervyn's, not even a toll road. Just tumbleweeds and brush.

Of course, it's all changed now. Now, it's a piece of Heaven for any homeowner who happens to own a 5,000 sq ft. lot. And the traffic!

There was a time when the City of Lake Forest, had threatened to annex Foothill Ranch, because of the shopping centers there. I'd say it was good that they didn't. Since having moved out of Lake Forest since then, I've come to realize how political the city council of Lake Forest is. I'm not sure how much better the politics of Foothill Ranch is, but it can't be good for Lake Forest to expand its politics any bigger.

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