Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hanging Out At The Orange Mall

Anonymous wants to start a discussion on hanging out at the Orange Mall...
Did anyone used to frequent the Orange Mall as a teenager?

I remember some local freak, I think nick named "Jesus". Also the Carl's Jr., Sweats n Surf, pet shop, and Farrell's across the street.
I never hung out there, since I was growing up in Santa Ana. But my wife spent a lot of time there, and when we were dating, she took me there several times. Of course, it was a far cry from South Coast Plaza, which was closer to where I lived.

But my best memory of Orange Mall is watching the movie "Dirty Dancing" there at the theater with my future wife. It was our first date together. I'd guess that was 1987. As a result, she had to pick "I've Had the Time of My Life" as our wedding song.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Santa Ana in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s

OCThen reader Brenda writes of her memories growing up in Santa Ana during 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and talks of an "old school reunion gala" taking place...
I grew up around jerome center in santa ana and attended smedley jr high and graduated in 1972 from valley high school. I have alot of wonderful memories of growing up in santa ana.

Consumer city was a department store like k mart in santa ana on first street. Does anyone remember the a and w rootbeer drive in on first street in santa ana. What about the broadway theater on broadway on sundays.when it only cost forty nine cents to get in. Do you remember the rec nites at el salvador. What about the sock hops after school.

Those of you who attebded smedley do you remember mrs. Webb she was a wonderful teacher. What about mr walter cole he is now a very prominent attorney here in orange county.

Do you all remember the seals at knotts berry farm, what about japanese village, the go kart ride on harbor, the skating ring, the roller derby games at the convention center in anaheim and the thunderbirds.

Do you all remember the good cinnamon rolls we ate at nutrition time at smedley and the good spaghetti.

Do you all remember going down town to eat those great chili dogs at grants in santa ana. I have not had a good chili dog since.

What about when sears sold the best popcorn and wards had all of that great candy, do you remember naugles restaurant the bell beefer from taco bell.

There were so many great memories from the era I grew up in which is the early seventies. The kids today to not know what clean fun we had. We didi not haveto worry about our safety like we have to with our kids and grandkids. Why did things have to change I would love to see our kids enjoy what we enjoyed.

I also remember thr helms bakery truck they had the best glazed donuts. What about seeleys bakery on bristol and mcfadden.

Myt name is brenda bolen any classmates out there, do any of you remember clifford kimble. If any one is interested pearla jo tabb has started an old school revisted reuion gala that started three years ago, it happens every august it is a dance and dinner and the nexct day there is a picnic where everyone just hangs out and bring theri picnic gear dominoes cards whatever you want, I attented the first one where every one dressed in the seventies style. We had a comedian, live music a dj the food was superb, we did the soul train line had a best dressed old school contest. It really took me back down memory lane. The afro wigs, the platform shoes it was so funny, this year lenny williams from tower of power will be performing. He sings that song oh oh oh.

Any way if you would like to get tickets to this years old school celebration it is called the function at the junction, you need to contack pearla tabb-wallace at this number and tell her brenda bolen sent you. The number is 626-453-6904 or charles aldridge at 714-366-4274 or bertha davis at 714-389-3933or dorothy strong at 714-686-4037. And everyibe if ekery race is welcome it is for people from the forties up to now just people from orange county period. You will definantly enjoy yourself and see friends from high school and the old neighborhoods that you lost touch with.

And by the way this is a wonderful site. I was looking for a bakery and stumbled upon this site, if anyone out there wants to email me they can at God bless brenda

Monday, April 27, 2009

Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan of Santa Ana

Anonymous writes about his/her memories of meeting Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan in Santa Ana during the 1960s...
when i was growing up in santa ana in the 50s/early 60s there were still homes located within small orange groves,many with barns,one of these groves was located as best as i can remember around the north flower area almost into orange,as the story went it was owned by douglas (wrong way)corrigan and that he kept his trans atlantic aircraft in the barn,in the late 1960s i was taking flying lessons from an instructor who owned 2 aircraft at orange county airport,while taxing back to the tie down after a lesson i noticed the other aircraft was out and there was an older man standing next to a parked car,my instructor asked if i know who he is,i answered no and he said that was douglas corrigan,we parked the aircraft and i was introduced to him,he was there waiting to pick up his son who was on a solo flight in the other aircraft,after a short conversation we shook hands he wished me luck and i wished the same for him and his son,and i drove off just as the other aircraft was taxing back in,the really sad part of all this is his son was killed several years later when the single engine cessna he was piloting crashed into the windward side of catalina island

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Pink Bus of Beach Blvd

Anonymous writes about the "Pink Bus" that run up and down Beach Blvd...
I grew up in LaHabra and was a little surfer, we used to take the Pink Bus that ran up and down beach blvd for 50 cents every chance we could.
I never lived around Beach Blvd, and never knew about the Pink Bus.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

In-N-Out Burger, Santa Ana

Anonymous writes about memories of In-N-Out burger in Santa Ana, where the owner would walk out to your car to take orders...
I remember going to the In-N-Out on Main st. in Santa ana as a teenager with my nieces & friends. The owner himself would take our order from the car and then bring us free homemade chicken soup while we waited. The hamburgers & fries were always freshly made. I tell my kids that the In-N-Out burgers from today are good, but the ones from back then were the best and we knew the original owner!
I don't remember the one on Main St, but I always went to the one on Bristol St and Civic Center Drive. This was back in the mid-1980s when I worked for the Santa Ana Public Library. And back then there were long lines at lunch time, and I imagine it's the same today.

Anyone know about their "secret menu"? If you want three patties and three cheese, tell then you want a "3x3". If you want 4 patties and eight cheeses, tell them "4x8". Simplicity and elegance in ordering.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chinchilla Farm in Garden Grove

Anonymous asks if anyone remembers the chinchilla farm in what appears to be Garden Grove...
Does anybody remember the chinchilla farm located on chapman ave, between magnolia and gilbert.I walked back to the cages to check them out when I was a kid ( punk ).

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Villa Park High School - Barefoot

Anonymous shares memories of walking to Villa Park High School barefoot, walking on the ground and feeling the cow poop squish between his/her toes...
I wonder if anyone remembers being able to go to Villa Park Elementary school, in Orange, bare-footed? My folks had an orange ranch in the Villa Park area and I enjoyed the feel of the dirty old clay and cow poop between my toes. I have class photos showing some of my childhood buddies and I without shoes. That would have been early 1950's.

Also, does anyone remember the floods in the late 60's in Santiago creek that wiped out the bridge running from Santiago Canyon road, now Katella Ave, between the two Sully Miller gravel pits across Santiago creek, north, over to Villa Park? Not the existing road Katella but the road running between the school and nursery now that dead ends where the bridge was.

Anyone out there from the first graduation class from Villa Park High school, 1966?
How about Bruno's market on the corner of Katella and Wanda, near the Villa Park orange packing plant?

Happy memories to everyone.
I would not have wanted to be the guy who polished the floors at Villa Park High.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hippies at Knott's Berry Farm

Anonymous writes about how the hippies "ruined" Knott's Berry Farm...
I grew up less than a mile away from Knotts in the sixties. We used to go there and hang out. It was free to get in before the Hippies ruined it. Knotts started charging admission to get them to stop loitering. Nothing against against the Hippies though. Great place to go on a Sat night and try to pick up girls.Knotts had a park in back that was short lived . I believe it was called "jungle island". You paid 50 cents to get in and you got to play there all day-what a blast. We used to buy our cigaretts at the "pottery shop" that was across the street from Knotts. They had a machine in the back. Nobody was ever looking and for 35 cents we got a hard box of Marlboros. Next to it was the Alligator farm. Who out there remembers that place?
Coincidentally, another commenter, Dave, posted a note a couple of years ago making a similar comment...
The hippies were sleeping in the parking lot, so thats when they fenced it in, and they wide the tracks for the train to run on, and charged a quarter for admission.
I didn't realize that Knott's changed from being free admission to paid admission as a way to get rid of hippies, but I guess that's one way. But it seems to me that as the park grew larger and larger, charging a fee would eventually happen anyways.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Space Ball Trampoline of Garden Grove

Palanuk's Pen writes about memories of the "Space Ball Trampoline" in Garden Grove...
Garden Grove-Does anyone remember the "Space Ball Trampoline"? Best I can remember it was in front of the indoor swimming pool behind Winchell's donuts...I think!! We played there for hours. A big trampoline with a net in the middle with a hole in it that you passed a ball through to the other person. I graduated from Rancho Alamitos 1969 and lived on Plesant Pl off Lampson.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Donating Chickens to Knott's Berry Farm

Anonymous shares memories of Anaheim in the 1960s, and finishes up with something about dropping off chickens at Knott's...
I moved to Anaheim in 1963 and went to Benito Juarez elementary, South Jr. High and Katella High School. We used to walk through orange groves as kids to get anywhere. It was a big deal when they opened the 7-eleven on St. College and Ball and I do recall the "Mr.T's" restaurant down the street. We hung out there all the time. It was originally a Tasty Freeze with a walk up window. I will never forget the chile-cheese dogs. I am trying to remember the name of a diner on the corner of East and Lincoln that was there at least until the mid-80's. Anyone?
How about the Original Van's shoe store on Broadway?

I also remember Escape Country. We used to drive there along those windy roads every Sunday in the summer beacuse they had live bands play in the afternoon and everyone would party. I think that area is now Dove Canyon and Robinson Ranch are of Santa Margarita.

We too use to drop off chickens in the parking lot at Knotts.

Those were the days!
That's an interesting point. How many other people let loose their chickens or other excess farm animals at Knott's, just because they figured Knott's would take them in?

I guess that would have been more humane than tossing them over the fence into the Alligator Farm nearby.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Memories of Orange County

OCThen reader, Brian W, shares his memories of Orange County...
My dad, Brad Worley,just passed away in Tustin last month. I live in DC now, but damn I have a lot of OC memories.


The Alligator Farm

Lion country Safari

Original Sam's pizza in Orange (in the sixtys it used to be my maternal grandfather, Lee Fugere's, deli and butcher shop) My mom said the everly brothers used to buy meat there.

The Green Garden chinese restaurant a few doors down from Original Sam's (near Main/C.H.O.C.)

The California Surf soccer team that played at Anaheim Stadium?

The Southern California Sun football team?

Anaheim Stadium when the Big a was the scoreboard?

Anaheim stadium when the Rams moved in.

Anyone ever have an Anaheim Rams bumper sticker.

Remember the Cinedome theatres near the Santa Ana river?

Tewinkle park BEFORE all the fancy landscaping, when there was just a big dirt hill that kids rode their Big Wheels down?

Brian W
OMG, yes I do remember the California Surf soccer team, I actually attended one of their games at Anaheim Stadium, and I want to say they played the Seattle Sounders that day.

And of course I remember the Cinedome. I would take my wife-to-be in those days, and there would hardly anyone there. We'd find a place away from other people, and just make out all movie long. Had there been any more people seated, we'd have probably been thrown out for indecency!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Growin Up in Garden Grove, 1950s

Anonymous share some memories of growing up in Garden Grove in the 1950s...
What a fun trip down memory lane! I grew up in Garden Grove beginning in the mid-50's. Lived on Elmer Lane (south of Katella, between Magnolia and Dale). I went to Blessed Sacrament in 1st grade and then onto St. Polycarp when it was built. All my neighbors went to Marie L. Hare and then to Rancho. I begged my parents to let me go to Rancho BUT they sent me to Marywood where I met my best friend, Rosi, and today at 55 years old, we live 4 houses from each other in Costa Mesa!

Remember Copper Penny Restaurant? Helen Grace Ice Cream & Candy? Both at THE PLAZA (Chapman and Brookhurst). And Top Hatters run by the Women's Club of GG -- learned to square dance! The Pink Spot on Chapman? Zody's? Newberry's? Love's Pet Store? Buster Brown Shoes?

Knott's Berry Farm on a Sunday afternoon with my dad because it was FREE! Watching Disneyland Fireworks on summer nights at 9:00 from our front lawn and then when the trees began to grow, sitting on the top of our roof?

Life growing up in Garden Grove was the BEST! EVERY day was special because we felt safe and loved.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Confetti's Nightclub, Orange

Anonymous asks if anyone remembers Confetti's Nightclub in Orange...
Does anyone remember Confetti's Nightclub? It was located where The Block is now? How about The Hop or The Red Onion?
I don't remember it. But I do remember seeing The Hop, and I do remember going to The Red Onion a few times with my future wife.

I actually didn't care much for nightclubs. In my college days, my best friend Greg and I were into motorcycles and shooting pool. It wasn't until after I met my wife-to-be that I started doing some of that weird stuff.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Growing Up on El Toro MCAS

Ginny shares her memories of growing up a military brat on El Toro Marine Corps Air Station...
When I was 5 years old, we left El Toro Marine Base, and we lived in base housing during that time. I remember sneaking off the El Toro's Elementary school. We were all military brats, and we lived on Trabuco Road, right at the very end of the air strip. My fondest memories in life are from those days. Although, one of the fondest is the carrott fields we used to plunder during as soon as the new harvest was cut. I loved it there and wish we had never left. I remember the 82 Marines killed at Saddle Back Mountain, the time the president flew over the air base and they dropped candy from the plane, it was so awesome. If only we could go back to those times, a time when there were not so many people and construction, among other things. I have pictures of my brothers and sisters, and my Mom, standing on the sidewalk in between the houses at El Toro. I could be mistaken, but I believe we lived 1938 Trabuco Rd. Anyway, I loved it there. Anyone interested in the pictures can contact me. I have more than a couple for sharing.
That sounds cool, the President's airplane dropping candy down on the kids below.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Growing up in Anaheim in the 1950s

Anonymous writes about memories of growing up in Anaheim during the 1950s, making mention of orange blossoms...
The best memories are the ones of growing up. Or if not, they should be. I have so many fond memories of growing up in Anaheim. I left in 1994 and when I went back down for a visit, it just wasn't the same. Everything I remember as a kid, is gone. Even my old house where I grew up, is so different. When my parents first moved there in the 50s it was overgrown with orange trees. We had 2 in our backyard and I can remember as a child smelling orange blossoms wafting through the window on a warm summer night. Now when I smell my own orange tree during the summer, lots of memories come flooding back. It was nothing for us as kids to hop on our bikes and peddle down to TG&Y for candy and pop. Coming back proved more challenging as we struggled to stay on our bikes while eating candy at the same time! Nowdays kids don't seem to have the freedom to go off on their own, as we did. Times have changed, not all for the better. I long for a simpler time. Like it was back as a kid growing up in the OC. Playing ding dong ditch-it, roller skating continously around the block, waiting for the ice cream truck during the summer, eating at A & W burger and having mom take us to Knotts Berry Farm to go on the burro rides. Ahh, the memories. I miss them and I miss Anaheim like it used to be.
The last house we lived at in San Diego, along with another house we lived at in Santa Ana, had orange trees, and yes I loved the scent of the orange blossoms. Today, when I ride my motorcycle through the orange groves of Temecula, or through the groves in Pauma Valley, the smell is so intoxicating. I'm not sure someone driving in a car with the windows rolled up would even notice.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John McIntosh, OC Restauranteur

OCThen reader, Gary Lycan, submits the following news about an OC restauranteur, John McIntosh passing away recently, and asks if anyone can share some memories...
John McIntosh died recently. He was the man behind the Far West restaurant empire that started with Snack Shop and later included Coco's, Moonraker, Reuben E. Lee, Plankhouse, Baxter Street and others. I would love to hear memories from anyone out there who ate at a Snack Shop - one at PCH and MacArthur in CdM where Ruby's now is, or one on S. Main across from what was once Sears in Santa Ana, or my personal favorite, the Snack Shop at 17th and Flower in SA (across from a Market Basket) where I can still taste their Chili Size.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Does a Ghost Haunt the Santa Ana High School Auditorium?

OCThen reader Julia shares her memories of growing up in Orange County...
I remember having so much fun when I lived in Orange County. I was born in Orange, but resided in Santa Ana. I left for Buffalo New York at age 16 but came back and resided in Anaheim from 1997-1998. I went back to Buffalo, New York and been here ever since. I'm 32 going on 33 years old and I can recall some of the great memories I had growing up.

I went to Carr Intermediate, Spurgeon Intermediate and graduated from there and went to Santa Ana High School as well as Valley High School. I ended up relocating and graduated from Kensington High School in Buffalo. I remember when I went to Santa Ana High School, the beautiful choirs, the cheerleading and tall flags squads, the food lol, how we had so much variety in what we wanted for lunch, which isn't like that at all here in the Buffalo school systems.

I also remember this time where there was a rumor spread about a girl who supposedly gotten killed by falling over the balcony in the auditorium during an assembly. They always said certain parts of that school where haunted. I have no idea if that was true or not but if anyone knows the truth about it or even remembers the incident, I'm still quite curious as to what happened.

I didn't stay at that school very long because of my grades, so I went on to Santa Ana Valley High School. Boy did I hate being there because it seemed like every single day I would get bombed by the birds LMAO!!! I had so many funny incidents there it was pitiful as well as sad. There were a few classmates that have passed away.

By the way I also went to Childs World Kindergarten and Lincoln Elementary School. Those were the good old days lol.

I have noticed that many posts are from people in the 1950's and 1960's, which I really find quite interesting. I'm glad I found this site and to be able to read these stories make me very homesick. Who knows, I may even come back to live one day.

I also remember the beaches that I used to go to. Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach which I really remember going to see the Queen Mary and the Spruce Goose.

And let me not forget my favorite attraction, "Knotts Berry Farm" yesss!! I liked Knotts better than Disneyland, I always have. I think its because of the Old West environment that really attracted me to it and I'll never forget the attraction "Sam and Sadie". Does anyone remember that? Is it still there?

Sooo many memories and the fast food mexican restaurants were unbelievable! Of course no one can cook right here on the East Coast lol.

The thing that I regret most is losing contact with my friends. I do have MySpace and found a couple of family members that I lost touch with, still waiting to hear back from them but it's so exciting to know that I was able to find them, so I'm guessing that I can find a few of my classmates there too.

OK! Now that I have written a book here on my life lol, I'll stop here for now and read some more of these wonderful Orange County stories!!

Blessed Be to All!!
I never heard about the girl who fell from the auditorium balcony at Santa Ana High School. But I do remember singing there. I was in the choir of Santa Ana College, and one year we performed a Christmas program there, and indeed that balcony is pretty high.

It would be interesting to hear of ghost stories of Orange County's schools.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Memories of Orange in the 1950s

Anonymous share memories of life in the 1950s of Orange...
My memory is of growing up in Orange in the 1950's. Cambridge Elementary school with the big beautiful tile mosaic of a girraffe. Loved that! WE shopped only downtown Orange or downtown Santa Ana. Once a year we would drive to LA where my Dad would order suits, and my mom would get some dresses. Does anyone remember the children's shop in Orange Circle? I remember a big loft upstairs. It was a real adventure going there!

I too, watched the Orange Mall being built. Seemed it was out in the middle of nowhere, with only the orange trees all around it.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Armstrong's Restaurant, Anaheim

OCThen reader Gary Lycan asks if anyone remembers Armstrong's, a restaurnat in Anaheim...
Does anyone remember Armstrongs, a neighborhood corner restaurant on Lincoln in Anaheim. Our family used to go there and have delicious barbecue beef sandwiches and potato salad before heading over to the Broadway Anaheim shopping center - usually on Friday nights to walk around and do some shopping. It's been replaced by a Mexican restaurant, it probably closed years and years ago, but I would love to hear from anyone with memories of it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Honer Plaza, Santa Ana

Anonymous writes about memories of Honer Plaza in Santa Ana...
I grew up in Santa Ana near 17th and Bristol, across from what used to be Honor Plaza. There was Newberry's, House of Fabrics, Montgomery Wards, Roberts, Sav-On and the movie theater. There was also The City in Orange with The Little Folks Shop. I always remember going down the little slide they had in the store. Does anyone remember the Belgian Waffle Restaurant in the shopping center across from South Coast Plaza? They had THE BEST waffles and then just disappeared. Talking about food, who can forget Belliles (sp.) in Garden Grove. The plates were gigantic and the food was unforgettable!
Of course I remember Honer Plaza. There was a small barber shop inside the mall that I used to go to all the time. And there was this self-serve postal annex in the parking lot that sold stamps, and included a scale to weigh your packages and mail them off.

My folks used to shop the Montgomery Wards there.

Calisphere has a photograph of the Montgomery Wards under construction at the future site of Honer Plaza...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Orange International Street Fair

Anonymous writes about his/her memories of the "big parade on Chapman Avenue" before there was an Orange International Street Fair...
In the late 50's when I was growing up in Orange, this time of year was the big parade on Chapman Avenue. Does anyone remember? It was before the "street Fair" came to be. I loved that Dad had an office on Chapman and we would all set up "camp" there before the parade. School was almost out, and it was nearly my birthday...the world was perfect!
"this time of year" is in reference to the month of May. (I'm still going through old material from last year).

I guess I didn't realize that there was a parade that preceded the street fair, but then again it makes sense for a city to have an annual parade.

Interestingly, the Orange International Street Fair has its own website, and there's a page on its history (link)...
In 1973, The City of Orange was looking for ideas to celebrate for its one hundreth year. Inspired by the Orange Street Fair of 1910 it was decided that for the centennial celebration Orange would have the Orange International Street Fair. The Fair was so successful that it has become an annual tradition during Labor Day weekend ever since. The Fair is located near Plaza Park.
I remember visiting the street fair a few times during my college days with my best friend Greg. This was the mid-1980s. Back then, it was jam packed, just as it is today I'm sure. We rode our motorcycles and was always able to find a tiny spot to park them into. There was always so much food I wanted to eat, and just couldn't.

In the early 1990s, my nephew lived a few blocks from the Orange Circle, and when the fair would come around, he'd set up a makeshift soda shop on the sidewalk near his house. He had no vendor's permit of course. He'd buy up cases of Coke at a Price Club, and then sell an ice cold can for $2.00.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Santa Ana Zoo

Anonymous writes about his/her memories, which includes "Prentiss Park Zoo"...

Lion Country Safari

My husband drove past it daily from our house in Aliso Viejo to Irvine daily before we left CA..

Japanese Deer Park

Remember that awesome place? Those sweet deer??

Waaay back, when Prentiss Park Zoo was FREE and fun!
I don't know if it ever was called "Prentiss Park Zoo", I remember it as Santa Ana Zoo. But I do remember visiting there. This was in the 1980s, I think around 1980 actually. I was amazed by the fact that they had animals in cages.

Consider the fact that I had lived in San Diego prior to then, and was accustomed to San Diego Zoo, where animals were featured in exhibits with living plants, water, rocks, and dirt, etc., not just concrete floors and iron bars.

But it explained to why all those old Looney Toons cartoons of the 1940s would often depict lions living in jail cells.

Of course the Santa Ana Zoo is still there today, but I've never been back.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kono Hawaii Restaurant, Santa Ana

OCThen reader, "Deanie" writes of her memories of visiting the Kono Hawaii restaurant in Santa Ana...

One of my fondest memories of Santa Ana is going to the Kono Hawaii on 1st Street. I can still smell the food and the foil-wrapped baked pototoes. They had the coolest Koi fish creek running through the restaurant and the servers were dressed in beautiful Japanese dresses. Is wear I can still remember what that cool place looked like. Too bad they turned it into a night club. I went with my husband when it was a Vietnamese restaurant but it wasn't the same. What a waste of a cool restaurant.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Back When Brea Was a Small Town

Anonymous recalls the City of Brea back in the 1970s when things were smaller, and asks the old timers what they think about the new hustle and bustle...
Brea has changed more than any other city I can think of. The main street, Brea Boulevard was so very small, just 2 lanes and there was no mall and really no shopping to speak of. (and I'm not referring to the 1930's, but the 1970's.) Their library was in a small strip mall. I remember a yardage store that was always hoping. I think it was called Jeanne's. Now, Brea is a bustling town. Lots of restaurants, a large mall, a big modern library and city center. I'm wondering how the old-timers like the change.
Sounds like Anonymous is an old timer too.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weber Bread Bakery in Santa Ana

Austin Cooper, an OCThen reader, submits his memories of growing up in Santa Ana (sounds like the northern end of town) from the 1950s through the 1970s, and then mentions how everything changed when he moved back ten years later...

Does any one remember the Weber Bread Bakery on North Main Street in Santa Ana? It was about two blocks north of the Santiago Creek bridge and just south of what is now the Main Place Mall. The aroma coming from the bakery was always in the air for blocks and blocks around this building. What a wonderful memory it was in the mid- to late-60s to peer through the large plate glass windows of this bakery while standing on the sidewalk and watching the bakers hard at work.

Other memories include a Santa Ana Ana Dog and Cat Hospital, also on North Main Street, located across the street from Weber Bread Bakery, where we would take the family cats and dogs for their annual shots, etc.

There was also a park in the area called Santiago Park, where bike riding and hiking were great fun.

Two other memories include the English Motel, also on North Main Street in Santa Ana, just north of the bridge that went over the 5 Freeway and the tall Bekins Moving and Storage Building across the street from the the English Motel. There was also a motorcycle dealership there, too.

I lived in Santa ana from 59-76, and then my family moved to Texas; howevver, I returned to Orange County (McDonnell Douglas in Huntington Beach) in 86 and established residence in Santa Ana very near the Bower's Museum on Main Street. Upon returning to Santa Ana in 86, and living there through 99, the bakery, veterinarian's office, and motorcycle dealership were all gone. The old mall, where Bullock's was, had been gutted and converted to the Main Place Mall, with an entirely new appearance and feel that I thought was kind of sad.

Anyone having memories or these landmarks, please post a reply. Thanks.

Austin Cooper
Decatur, Alabama
That motorcycle dealership he recalls, I believe, was Irv Seaver BMW, which has since moved (or more correctly, moved back) to Orange. Seaver has published a history of his dealership on his site, noting all the places it was located, and previous ownerships. (link)

And what of that "old mall" that used to be where Main Place now sits? The OC Archives has a photo of "Fashion Square" on its Flickr site (link)

I remember seeing Fashion Square, but never ventured in there, since we lived closer to South Coast Plaza.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Milk Shakes at South Coast Plaza

An anonymous reader asks a question about a store in South Coast Plaza...

Does anybody remember the name of the health food store/restaurant/shake bar at South Coast Plaza back in the 70s? It was pink and they made shakes out of ice cream and ice milk. I'm racking my brain trying to remember the name of it. It was near the carousel area in the section that goes towards Nordstrom. Thank you.

Leaving on a 4-Day Camping Trip

Folks, this morning I'm heading out on a 4-day camping trip to Utah and back, via motorcycle. Myself and six other friends are going.

Camping at Zion National Park the first night.

Natural Bridges National Monument, camping second night.

Grand Canyon Caverns, camping third night.

That first night is the coldest, with temps in the 30s, and predicted for rain and snow fall that morning. We should miss that stuff, but am expecting wet and icy road conditions when we get there in the evening.

That next morning, we're riding up to Bryce Canyon. That'll be the toughest part of the trip, with temps that morning in the 20s, and more wet and icy roads. The rest of the trip should get better from there.

And for the record, I am by no means an expert riding a motorcycle on icy roads. I've tried it before, and ended up dumping my bike. Hopefully, things will be better only because we're staying on the more heavily travelled roads.

Anyways, feel free to follow me on my Twitter account:

I'll try to post updates there, assuming I have Internet access.

But I do have several more "memories" posts for OCThen scheduled to publish, so checking back for more.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Old Knott's Berry Farm Rides

OCThen reader, Snoop-tastic, writes about his/her memories of Knott's Berry Farm, and the attractions that are no longer there...
I remember going to Knott's Berry Farm atleast once a year as a kid...And now I work there! It truely is the "Friendliest place in the west". I remember what reflection lake looked like before the Silver Bullet was added....The water show thing they used to do was always great to top off every visit! I used to be scared of the Calico Mine Ride....It still freaks me out a little! lol. I loved the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs, and I hate that I couldn't ride it just once more before it was removed. I remember the Tampico Tumbler, the Gran Slammer, and I even have vague memories of the rides underneath the Wind Jammer (Where X-celerator is now.) The music at Knott's gets stuck in your head, yet it leaves a smile on your face. The stage shows (at the Wagon Camp, Calico Stage, Camp Snoop Theater, and Charles M. Schulz Theater) are all magnificent and well-written. I love Snoopy's Big Bow Wow, Charlie Brown's Jungle Journey, The Wild West Stunt Show and, at Halloween Haunt, "The Hanging". Every moment spent at Knott's, whether working or playing, is an adventure and a time to remember. For anyone who has not been to KBF, I highly recommend it, and while you're there, be sure to check out as many of the shows as possible, including the one in the Mystery Lodge!
The first time I went to Knott's was in 1973 (or was it 1974?). I can't recall what all that was there at that first visit, but I do remember the Haunted Shack, the mine tour, the train, the stage coach, panning for gold, the Calico Graveyard, and of course the log ride. I think only the Haunted Shack is no longer there.

Back then, I lived in San Diego, and it was a really big affair for us to drive up to Buena Park. I was so excited to have visited Knotts!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Memories of Anaheim in the 1960s

OCThen reader Amber submits her memories of growing up in Anaheim, probably in the 1960s, based on the $4.95 it took to get into Disneyland...
I grew up in Anaheim.. I remember dad getting take pizza from Costello's, down around Walnut ? and Cerritos.. then it was changed to Mama Cozza's... I remember hearing they had cockroaches all over and they just baked them into the pizza.

I remember "..don't cook tonight, call Chicken Delight.. we deliver.." and White Front Pharmacy in Garden Grove.. I remember the Skate Rink off the 22/Haster, skating to the theme song from Grease.

Till I moved to Dana Point, I STILL drove up to Ball /Euclid to see my childhood and adulthood DDS, Dr. Cornelius.. he had a daughter and I never knew her, but she went to school at Ball and Loara HS.

I remember the OBON festival every Summer during my Birthday and I'm finally going to the one here in Denver...

Remember Disneyland on my BD every year with my friends.. I VIVIDLY remember us complaining it cost us $4.95 to get in! I remember hoarding E tickets and going home for dinner and coming back later on till they closed. I remember the GE Carosel of Progress.. my fav thing other than Pirates of the Carribean.. in 2006 we went to DisneyWorld and didn't like it.. way too big . BUT, the GE show was there and I videotapped the entire thing! Only one other person was in there with us.. they totally updated it and I HATED that.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Original Mike's in Santa Ana

An anonymous OCThen submits a short memory about growing up in Santa Ana...
Santa Ana is my hometown. I live in the IE area now, but when I'm in seems just about everywhere I turn...there's a memory. I remember my parents took us out to eat on Fri to Straw Hat Pizza next to the Pic-n-Save..on Bristol..there was also a restaurant called Sir Georges that we loved so was a buffet style (like Hometown Buffett but smaller).
I have to agree. I lived in Santa Ana from 1978 to 1988, and lived there when I was 12 to 22. Everytime I go back there I see buildings that be used to be other buildings. I remember stuff that ain't there anymore. My wife was born there and can tell you a lot more. Her parents moved there in the 1940s, and the stories never end.

Santa Ana actually is a much nicer place today than when I lived there. I know it has its gang problems, but it had worse gang problems back then.

Some months ago, I had lunch at Original Mike's on the corner of 1st Street and Main. That was just an abandoned building the entire time I lived there, and now it's something pretty cool. When I worked at Santa Ana Public Library, I would walk past that building everyday, and wonder if anyone would do something with it.

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