Monday, April 16, 2007

Glow-in-the-Dark Statues at Knott's Berry Farm

Jill, another OCThen reader submitted a comment on our Knott's Berry Farm page about a strange little store at Knott's that sold glow-in-the-dark statues...
Does anyone remember a small building that was located over in the area where the chapel was where you could go inside and they would turn off all the lights and all sorts of statues would glow in the dark? I did not read anything about this particular venue and I don't remember the name of it at all.

My sister and I used to adore buying our favorite souvenir there which was a darling glow-worm. We treasured these long after our visits. I am 60 yrs. old and lived in Hacienda Heights in the late 50's. Knotts was a favorite inexpensive outting and we had many picnics in the stage coaches especially during the summer.

Loved watching the horse that could do math! Riding the burro's was a highlight too. My sister and I agree, we were so lucky to have grown up when we did and our memories have endured when for us the "real" Knotts Berry Farm has vanished.
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