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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remembering the Helms Bakery Trucks

helms bakery truck
Lee Fredrickson remembers the Helms Bakery Trucks rolling through his neighborhood, and the smells of fresh baked bread...
One of my favorite memories of growing up in Orange County was the Helms Bakery truck coming through the neighborhood during the weekdays.

I was talking with a high school friend today about that, and things I remember was the driver always blew the horn twice while going up and down the streets to draw the customers outside. As kids, we didn't get to see the bakery truck very often because we would usually be in school when the driver made his rounds, but when we were home, and we heard that horn, we would immediately start pestering our mother to get something from the "bakery truck".

It was always a treat to be there when the driver would open the double doors at the back of the truck and to smell all those wonderful treats - some of them still warm from being baked that day. My mom would tell the driver what she wanted to purchase that day, and he would start opening up those long wooden drawers which were used to store the baked goods. One drawer would have doughnuts, the next one would have cakes, another held pies, and it would go on and on while we just watched and enjoyed the show.

The drivers were always very friendly and knew our Mom by name. Mom didn't always have the money that day to pay for the stuff she wanted, so the drivers would extend her credit until the next time they came around. I remember they would have a little notebook with the customer's name on it and a column of numbers showing purchases and payments.

Unfortunately, Helms Bakery went out of business in 1969, but it is a memory I still cherish to this day.
Aside from the ice cream trucks that cruised our neighborhood, the only other food trucks I remember were the ones in Yokohama, Japan when I lived there from 1970-71. They sold just about everything, and if they didn't have it, they'd have it for you on the next stop. My mom would buy stuff from them.

In Santa Ana, I'd often see trucks going up and down the neighborhoods selling produce and clothes, but our family never paid any mind to them.

Today, we have the Schwan's trucks making deliveries in the neighborhood out here in the IE.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weber Bread Bakery in Santa Ana

Austin Cooper, an OCThen reader, submits his memories of growing up in Santa Ana (sounds like the northern end of town) from the 1950s through the 1970s, and then mentions how everything changed when he moved back ten years later...

Does any one remember the Weber Bread Bakery on North Main Street in Santa Ana? It was about two blocks north of the Santiago Creek bridge and just south of what is now the Main Place Mall. The aroma coming from the bakery was always in the air for blocks and blocks around this building. What a wonderful memory it was in the mid- to late-60s to peer through the large plate glass windows of this bakery while standing on the sidewalk and watching the bakers hard at work.

Other memories include a Santa Ana Ana Dog and Cat Hospital, also on North Main Street, located across the street from Weber Bread Bakery, where we would take the family cats and dogs for their annual shots, etc.

There was also a park in the area called Santiago Park, where bike riding and hiking were great fun.

Two other memories include the English Motel, also on North Main Street in Santa Ana, just north of the bridge that went over the 5 Freeway and the tall Bekins Moving and Storage Building across the street from the the English Motel. There was also a motorcycle dealership there, too.

I lived in Santa ana from 59-76, and then my family moved to Texas; howevver, I returned to Orange County (McDonnell Douglas in Huntington Beach) in 86 and established residence in Santa Ana very near the Bower's Museum on Main Street. Upon returning to Santa Ana in 86, and living there through 99, the bakery, veterinarian's office, and motorcycle dealership were all gone. The old mall, where Bullock's was, had been gutted and converted to the Main Place Mall, with an entirely new appearance and feel that I thought was kind of sad.

Anyone having memories or these landmarks, please post a reply. Thanks.

Austin Cooper
Decatur, Alabama
That motorcycle dealership he recalls, I believe, was Irv Seaver BMW, which has since moved (or more correctly, moved back) to Orange. Seaver has published a history of his dealership on his site, noting all the places it was located, and previous ownerships. (link)

And what of that "old mall" that used to be where Main Place now sits? The OC Archives has a photo of "Fashion Square" on its Flickr site (link)

I remember seeing Fashion Square, but never ventured in there, since we lived closer to South Coast Plaza.

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