Monday, April 09, 2012

Fox Theater in Anaheim

Fox Theater, Anaheim, CA
Fox Theater, Anaheim, CA
A few OCThen readers remembering going to the old Fox Theater in Anaheim...
Johnny - Those of us who grew up in Anaheim will remember the Fox Theater on the north side of downtown Lincoln. I spent many hours there from the early 1960s until it closed in the 1970s. I saw some of the best movies, and loved the art deco architecture, even though I didn't know what to call it as a kid. Before the city developers ruined downtown Anaheim, it was always great to walk or ride bikes to the Fox Theater for matinees on Saturday! 
Cox Pilot - The Fox was where I first saw Bambe in the early '40's. We live just off Lincoln on East street, and my Mother and I would walk to the movies, and then she would do her shopping down town. Dad took the only car to work (a '29 Chev 2-door.) We finally moved to Santa Ana in 1947. 
Anonymous - Johnny, I remember the Fox Theater on Lincoln Ave in Anaheim very well. I grew up on Ball Road between Harbor and Anaheim Blvd (originally called Los Angeles Street). The house is a chiroprator's office the last I saw and it is across the side street from Oasis, a rehab/treatment center (sometimes used on the Intervention TV program). The Rose family used to live there. We had orange groves across the street and at the end of the tract on the Harbor side where we would play alot of the time. Ball Road was just a two lane street at that time and the Helms Bakery truck would come through the neighborhood, and milk was delivered in glass bottles to your front door. We moved to different areas of Anaheim through the years and my high school years were Lincoln and State College area, where somebody mentioned the Boston Store and Grant's. My mom worked at Grant's in the late 60's, early 70's. But it is my early childhood, growing up a block from Disneyland, that I remember the most fondly. Things have really changed since then.
I used to visit the Fox Theater in San Diego, in the North Park community along University Ave during the early 1970s. Us kids would come in for the matinee and watch Little Rascals, Lone Ranger, and the old black & white Popeye cartoons. Kids would run around, yell and scream, and the floor would get littered with popcorn and spilled sodas, and it only cost us $0.25 to get in.

What were your memories?

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