Sunday, October 28, 2007

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  1. Wow,Crescent Jr.High. I went to La Palma Jr. High,but my Uncles,who lived in the neighborhood across the street from Crescent, went there in the 60s. both brothers,and very well known in the area. Anyone remember Marc and Keith McGuire? lol.They're my uncles. Anyway,I was pretty bummed when they tore down Crescent to build all those homes,while nice,are just too close together. I miss the good ole' days where we still had huge green lots,with farm houses. And in answer to who probably got that time capsule, it was probably the developers who did. That sucks,doesn't it?

  2. Wow, this is a great site. I am enjoying reading all the memories that we OC'ers have from the good old days! My name is Suzie Hinton and I grew up in Santa Ana near Bristol and Warner, went to Saddleback High School, old hang out's ... Jack In the Box, Norms, South Coast Plaza and of course Memorial Park! Watched the mall being built back in the 70's. great to read all the good memories of all the clubs we hung out in after high school. Some one mensioned the Handle Bar Saloon, I think that is where the wet tee shirt contest started! All I could say was WoW, I remember going there!

  3. Once, I applied for three different companies and chose the one that I thought would be something new and a little different from just the usual real estate/escrow companies. So I chose this company that did Real Estate Auctions, Ect. There offices were up on MacArthur towards Fashion Island off Bison Road. So I show up, suit, nylons, heels, ect..middle of August for my first day. There offices were being renovated so they actually put me to work in........A BARN!!! An actual barn that was on the property, with hay, wood floors that you could see thru to the dirt, an awful catbox, pitchfork hanged on the wall and with barn door windows that were wide open to the outside with least SEVEN BUFFALOS!!!! just a few feet away!!!! There I was all dressed, in this barn putting auction brochures together at a work bench, middle of AUGUST, BUFFALO, CATBOX..........well you can only imagine I became extremely nauseated and couldn't take it.......I asked if I could go home and that I was not feeling well. That evening at around 6:00, got a call from HR, "We feel you are just not going to work out for us here.".........NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! LOL!! and that stands for Loser on Line!!! because forever my family teased me, that I am the only person they know that actually got herself a Job with BUFFALO in the background!!! LOL!!!(Laugh out loud now), Ha, ha

    Post Script:

    I actually had to look up information about the OC Buffalo and found this site. My own family had a hard time believing me that there were buffalo in the OC. My work history shows that day was 10/5/90. Lange Financial was the company and it was a long, red and white structure with a barn on the end. They were renovating offices at that time. And there were still a few buffalo. I recalled at least seven. Maybe it was only 3 to 5, but diffentely Buffalo and they were there in the yard behind the barn. I stood right in front of the barn door windows that were open to them!!! It stunk!!!!!LOL!! I had to collect unemployment after they called me and told me I was not going to work out!!

    Now, 2009 it is homes, condos, ect... Too funny!! Thank you for this site, I am not CRAZY!!! Ha, ha

    Juliette Miles
    Huntington Beach, CA

  4. Does anyone remember the name of the ice cream parlour that was once at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa . I beleive it was right across from the FAO Schwartz toy store. I just remember it being all about ice cream, you could either sit at one of the tables or get your ice cream to go.


  5. hi, love this sight. I am an inactive woman marine and was stationed at el toro in 1969, got married there, loved it and still do. I remember orange groves and wonderful trees and just everything good..I was only 19 then, and feel like i kinda grew up heart breaks because it is no longer the way it was really a wonderful slice of america. My name is Franny

  6. Thanks for all the wonderful memories ,I am a Native of HB. My mother was Miss Anahiem back in the early sixies and I was born at AMH. My folks first home was on one of those streets down there by old Main st. For me Huntington Beach will always be as I remember HB back in the 60's and early 70's - Because we moved to Hawaii in 1973.I could never figure out why my parents would leave HB for Hawaii! LOL! I was only 10. Hawaii maybe home but Huntington Beach will forever be my Heart and my First Love.! Johnna Z. Royer-Ochoa AKA SHAWNA


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