Saturday, January 30, 2010

Serna's Mexican Restaurant - Dana Point

Isaac O. remembers eating at Serna's Mexican Restaurant in Dana Point...

anyone remember sernas mexican resteraunt? on pacific coast hwy. in dana point across the street from capistrano beach back in the 1960's - 1975 the owners lupe serna and daughters martha and [ cora a.k.a. guerra]
excellant tacos enchilladas chili rejguennos
good old memories and food. thy were my cousins
we got to eat for free, mmm, i miss them all,l.o.l Isaac O.

Dana Point seems to have some really good mexican restaurants, most notably Olamendi's, a favorite hangout of President Richard Nixon, and El Patio. As for Serna's Mexican Restaurant, I've heard of it. But I did a Google search and found a post saying that there was a Henry's Mexican Restaurant in Dana Point, that was run by a Serna family.


  1. Yes I remember all those mex resturants, anynoe remember the Golden Lanttern Beer bar in Dana Point around 1960's

  2. Henry Serna's was purchased by Olamendi and located at the same spot on coast highway. As a kid I remember there being a gas station close by and I think the bus used to stop there.
    It had an open pool hall, a small bar, ice box with cold beer, in the adjacent room there were a few booths. You could see into the kitchen. Very casual and very real. An old Capo Beach family....before the freeway.

    Now to go back aways.....anyone remember the diner at Poche where the gas station is now. The best pies anywhere ?

  3. I do remember henrys... my grandma and grandpa owned the place. I still try to recreate my grandmas great food. I recall all the surfers hanging out there and having great teenage memories. It's nice to know someone remembers it.

  4. I think it was mainly about the beer. Seriously, Dana Point was so much fun then. Henry's was great


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