Thursday, January 21, 2010

When John Wayne Visited Knotts Berry Farm

Anonymous describes when John Wayne visited Knott's Berry Farm to be the first person to ride the Log Ride...

When I was 16 I got my first "real" job. I was a bus boy at the Steakhouse at Knotts berry Farm. My first girlfriend, Charlene Scott worked at the grill. But that's another story.

It was 1969 and they were just completing the log ride. It was really cool. They let us ride it all we wanted after work.

Well, John Wayne came one day to dedicate it by being the "first" one to ride it. Anyway I was at the time clock punching in and to my suprise Mr. Wayne was walking straight for me. It was just him and me. I was so stunned I just stared at him. He looked at me and smiled and said "Well, howr you!" I really don't remember what or if I said anything.

Later on I took a break in our common break room where I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.


  1. I was just checking out this site, when I read about John Wayne at Knott's Berry Farm. I was there that day and watched as John Wayne hit the log ride boat with a champayne bottle. My girlfriend and I were so excited. He was one of my favorite western actors and we were only about five feet from him. So many people were there. He had his grandson with him. I'll never forget it. I lived only off of Knott and La Palma, so I spent many days at Knott's. I miss the way it was.

  2. John Wayne lived in Newport for many years, and was seen around Newport and Costa Mesa.

    My wife saw him over the years at the dry cleaners, on E. 17th.

    She saw John Wayne and Joey Bishop, shopping at the Grant Boys on Newport Blvd.

  3. CRAZY, I TOO WAS THEIR I WAS 9 AND IT MUST OF BEEN ON A WEEK DAY,BECAUSE MY SCHOOL (summer school)WENT THERE FOR A FIELD TRIP THAT DAY!(Garden Grove christian School)it was so crowed,and hot as I stood watching him go downand waiting in line to ride. Also one time while shopping at Sears South Coast Plaza, my Dad and I saw John Wayne in the sporting goods Dept. buying na volley or socoor Ball

  4. Knott's Berry Farm was the best and cheapest
    place to go with a date in the late 50's and early
    60's. It was very romantic with the low lighting
    and people strolling hand in hand eating ice cream cones. The little church with the moat around it and the merry-go-round with a real caliope playing was my favorite. It was really low key and peace-
    ful. Many good memories I had there.


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