Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wild Punk Parties in Santa Ana

"Xpunker" recalls a time in Santa Ana where there were some pretty wild punk parties...

Does anybody out there remember the punk parties at the "white house" in santa ana located on first st between bristol and flower in 1990-1991? That was when the punk scene was out of control in the OC. This guy I think his name was Rudy threw the wildest parties in that part of town. Live punk bands like Violent Outrage, Dogma Mudista, MFR and Total Chaos with a crazy mosh pit in the backyard of an empty house. Thanks dude for the great times.


  1. I remember the wild parties out at the motorcycle park under Saddleback mountain (1970's). What was that place called? Bands would play all night, power was run off generators. It was a big mess, but a lot of fun.

  2. It was called "Escape Country". You could go there and ride all day for $5. Also back in the late '70's, I used to take my girlfriend out there to have a little privacy. She was a bit of a flower child. I remember the first time I took her out there, as we were driving to look for a good spot for a pic-nic, her top just came flying off. I just about crashed my little chevy luv pik-up into a tree. Ahh' what great times!!

  3. It was on least in the later years. Koos Cafe was the name. Still might be one in Long Beach. Santa Ana location closed around 2000 or so.

    1. does anyone rember the dungeon main and edinger dancers corner old punk rock days


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