Sunday, January 24, 2010

Model Airplanes at Carbon Canyon Park

Anonymous writes about flying model airplanes at Carbon Canyon Regional Park...

Does anyone remember flying control-line (U-Control) model airplanes at Carbon Canyon Regional Park? For a few years after we moved to OC in 1976 my husband was involved in the hobby with some guys he worked with. My baby son and I usually tagged along on their outings. The planes were fast and had noisy gas engines, so they needed a big open area away from homes.

We went to Carbon Canyon today for the first time since his flying days, and we couldn't find anyplace there that looked as though it could have ever accommodated such an activity. So we were wondering if anyone else's flying memories were better than ours.

The park actually had 2 or 3 large concrete "donuts" specifically made for the sport.

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  1. I can ask around if you're still interested. Dick Taylor


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