Monday, April 20, 2009

Donating Chickens to Knott's Berry Farm

Anonymous shares memories of Anaheim in the 1960s, and finishes up with something about dropping off chickens at Knott's...

I moved to Anaheim in 1963 and went to Benito Juarez elementary, South Jr. High and Katella High School. We used to walk through orange groves as kids to get anywhere. It was a big deal when they opened the 7-eleven on St. College and Ball and I do recall the "Mr.T's" restaurant down the street. We hung out there all the time. It was originally a Tasty Freeze with a walk up window. I will never forget the chile-cheese dogs. I am trying to remember the name of a diner on the corner of East and Lincoln that was there at least until the mid-80's. Anyone?
How about the Original Van's shoe store on Broadway?

I also remember Escape Country. We used to drive there along those windy roads every Sunday in the summer beacuse they had live bands play in the afternoon and everyone would party. I think that area is now Dove Canyon and Robinson Ranch are of Santa Margarita.

We too use to drop off chickens in the parking lot at Knotts.

Those were the days!
That's an interesting point. How many other people let loose their chickens or other excess farm animals at Knott's, just because they figured Knott's would take them in?

I guess that would have been more humane than tossing them over the fence into the Alligator Farm nearby.


  1. Actually I remember that we took a duck and left it at Knotts after it had grown to big to keep as a pet (Easter gift...). I recall that there was open space at Knotts' back then in the early 60's with a small lake and many ducks and chickens roaming around.

  2. absolutely! My mom actually did that with the "pet baby chic" my younger sister brought home from school. Once it got bigger, it when to the "chicken farm" at Knotts berry farm! Gotta love it

  3. As a very young kid I remember getting a tour of the "Vans" factory on Broadway. I think it was a pre school or kindergarten field trip, somewhere around 75-77. We got to walk in the giant vulcanizing oven and at the end of the tour we all got the little white rubber tags that said "vans" on them that were on the back of all their shoes.


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