Friday, February 01, 2008

Mystery Candy Store in Santa Ana

A brand new OCThen reader asks if anyone can identify a candy store in Santa Ana during the 1950s...

Perhaps someone can help me recall a specific candy store in Santa Ana. Era – early 50's. It was on North Main just below Buffum's. It wasn't McFarlan's (sp?) which was on Main closer to 4th. And it wasn't See's which was on main just below 4th.

The store actually made "hand-dipped" chocolates in-house.
Post a comment if you know anything.


  1. See's Candy was on the 300 block of North Main and Candyland by MacFarlane was on the 800 block. Buffums was at 909 North Main. Maybe it was one of the many cafes.

  2. I am looking for someone who lived in orange county in august, 1945, specifically Pacific Palisades from what I was told. My mom and 7 year old brother Stephen Palmisano,was visiting with relatives while waiting for our dad's ship to come in any day. Steve got off the bus and was hit and killed.My mom had to take train back to new jersey with his body. I am trying to locate some people or realtives who may remember this accident. Can you or someone you know help? Thank you so much.

  3. I dont know about that store, but you can find hand made chocolates in Laguna Niguel just south of Santa Ana, at Downey's Chocolates.

    They make everything all natural from scratch best chocolates I've ever had!

    they're address is 23902 Aliso Creek Rd in Laguna Niguel 92677

  4. Growing up in Orange County
    My Mom and Dad, Frances and John Brown moved to Garden Grove with my brother John and my sister Sandy and myself Bob in 1963. They bought a new home at the Parkview development, right behind Bolsa Grande High School and the Atlantis Park. I think the price range was 11-14K at that time. I started 8th grade at O.A. Peters in Garden Grove and went on to graduate from Bolsa Grande H.S. in 1964. I worked at Teddy’s Pizza on Garden Grove Blvd while in H.S. as well as Foster Freeze on Westminster. I fondly remember eating at Oscars Drive-in, Bob’s Big Boy, and Chris & Pitt’s BBQ. I also went to the Gem Theatre, the bowling alley with billiards included, which was close by and Kiddy Land when I was younger. On a hot day Zesto’s was the place to go for ice cream cones and shakes. Dee’s Records also comes to mind for music; the owner’s daughter whom I knew went to my H.S.

  5. I have a 1962 menu from Teddy's Pizza, Garden Grove, California. The menu is in great shape. Kids used to go there after high school football games, etc. Teddy's was in a house made into an Italian restaurant.

    Is anyone out there interested in having it?

  6. I grew up down the street from Teddy's Pizza, and even 40 years later, I can still remember the flavor of that pizza. Does anyone have any idea how the pizza was made. I would love to have the menu, but am not in a position to pay for it. A native of Orange County, born and raised in Garden Grove, now living in Huntington Beach. Unfortunately my family has been hit hard by this economy, and with my husband, and college-graduate son both unemployed, we are in danger of having to leave the area.

  7. I think this may have been owned by my Great Grandmother. I will ask my Mother the name of the store and we can see if that is the store you are tinking of.

  8. "I think this may have been owned by my Great Grandmother. I will ask my Mother the name of the store and we can see if that is the store you are tinking of."

    Thanks for the reply. Have you been able to ask your mother yet? It was definitely a local family-owned store. I went to school with one of the family's daughters/grandaughters at Martin Elementary. Because of the family connection our class was priveleged to take a field trip there and sample the goodies. Still remember watching the ladies there hand-dipping chocolates.

    1. This was owned by my grandmother Mildred Lucinda Decker. It was called decker's Candyland. I went to martin elementary school and I was wondering if I know you

  9. I think the candy shop you are asking about is Decker's Candyland this was my Great-Grandmother's store and they had hand dipped chocolates. She was a very savvy business woman and very forward thinking since very few women actually owned businesses back then. I have a pic if you are interested.

  10. No connection to your comments, just loved reminiscing about old days and candies.


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