Sunday, February 17, 2008

Notable Comments

Here are some noteworthy comments posted this week on our previous articles...

Feb 17 - Cloud 9 and Studio K - Gary comments that he's the one who came up with the idea for Studio K, and also was the guy who ran Cloud 9. He also says he came up with the idea for tearing down Studio K.

Feb 16 - Stehley's Egg Ranch - Anonymous remembers the exact location of the place.

Feb 16 - Intoxicating Smell of Orange Blossoms - Argo#67 remembers going to the United Methodist church in Orange, and recalls it being a white wooden structure, before they built the "submarine church", and recalls "Wheeler's Market" next to it.

Feb 14 - Beaches and Tastee Freez - Jim thinks the Van's Store mentioned in the article was in Stanton, on the NW corner of Beach and Chapman.

Feb 13 - My Favorite Orange County Restaurants - Anonymous wants to know what used to reside on the location where Acapulco Restaurant now sits, on Bristol Street, in Costa Mesa

1 comment:

  1. was it a Mexican Food restaurant?
    We used to call it Taco De Puke....


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