Friday, February 08, 2008

You Know You Were A Teenager In Orange County In The 80's if...

You broke up with your 11th grade boyfriend once you saw him in his Farrell's uniform.

You smoked cloves at Old World on Saturday nights listening to OMD.

You were forbidden from saying "whatever" to your Mom.

You could relate to the plight of Julie in the movie "Valley Girl."

You and your friend ditched school the day the Golden Bear was torn down--and cried.

You couldn't decide: was The Poor Man a poser?

You were banned from using the family washing machine to acid wash your jeans-- following a tragic incident with your brother's OP shorts.

You went to see "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" and said it was great, purely because David Bowie was in it.

You thought Olivia Newton John's hairstyle (with braided headband) in the video "Physical" was not only awsome, but worth replicating.

Your dad wore a rust colored Members Only Jacket --and you didn't care.

You thought the cartoon Ziggy was hilarious.

The summer MTV launched, you and your friends never left the house.

You held the erroneous belief that combat boots went with everything.

You refused to take your little sister to the Orange Street Fair unless she changed out of her "Cats" sweatshirt.

You pondered the eternal question: Should I let my boyfriend wear his bolotie to prom?

You spend more time on making your hair big--teasing it, blowdrying it while hanging upside down and spraying it-- then on homework.

You were embarassed for Bruce Springsteen when he did his "little dance" in the video "Dancing in the Dark" but, understandably, not for Molly Ringwald when she did the same dance in "The Breakfast Club."

You saw bands like 10,000 Maniacs, Jane's Addiction and The Hags at Safari Sam's in Hungtington Beach.


  1. While I don't share your admiration for Ziggy, the rest of these are spot on. I spent most weekends at Safari Sam's (even played there a few times), and watched MTV with zombie-like consistency. I also remember hanging out at the Mod shop(s) near the Orange Circle, buying all my jeans from Army Navy, seeing movies at the Cinedome (if I could get a ride) and hanging out at the Orange Mall. Thanks for the flashback!

  2. The hair comment is too true -- it was usually done with a bottle of "Sprunch" by Aussie (that smell, oh that smell...).

  3. Did Mojo Nixon open for 10,000 Maniacs? I seem to rememner him jumping on tables and tossing out Pia Zadora t-shirts. Safari Sams was such a great place for us kids then. A fire hazzard and not ADA compiable, but fun! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  4. Suzanne...this was wonderful. Your stuff is fantastic. Thanks.

  5. Ahh, being a teen in OC in the 80s. I remember going to Disneyland and dancing after hours during the summer in front of their big screen while videos played from Duran Duran, etc. Taking the bus to huntington beach because we weren't old enough to drive yet. Lying out all day and eating nachos from the concession stand by pier 32. Going to the brookhurst theatre and paying for one movie but sneaking in to 3! Smoking clove cigarettes and drowning ourselves with Love's baby soft perfume so our parents wouldn't know. Dying my hair blue! Going to the OC circle to dance. Eating at Del Taco, Naugles and Shakey's pizza. Shopping at the Anaheim plaza and south coast mall. Going to see Survivor and REO speedwagon at Irvine Meadows with my jr high class. Thanks for some great memories!

  6. Suzanne - I may have been at Old World with you on many occasion.

  7. I'm on my way to Cloud 9 at Knotts right now!

  8. Too funny...I relate to a lot of what you said. I remember hanging out at the Cinedome movie theater, we would hold the back door open so our friends could sneak in. We also rode the bus to Hungtington or Newport before we had cars. Anyone remember "Dead Man's Party" at Irvine Meadows every Halloween?

    I miss Farrell's and Naugles!


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