Sunday, February 24, 2008

Picnic Garden - Korean BBQ - Closed

The wife and I drove out to Fountain Valley this afternoon to have lunch at a Korean BBQ that we used to frequent years ago when we lived in OC.

It was called Picnic Garden, and it was located on the corner of Euclid and Edinger, in an asian shopping center.

I liked going there because of the spicy pork. And it was "all you can eat". I'd load up my plate of the stuff, and grill it on the table. They also had no shortage of Kim Chi.

I remember after walking out of there, you'd smell like BBQ smoke.

After doing a search on the Internet a few moments ago, I found a site that has some customer reviews, and it appears that the quality of their food went downhill, and they lost customer base.

There are some Korean BBQ joints in SW Riverside County, but they're very pricy, and none let's you eat all the spicy pork you can handle.


  1. I ate at the place you mentioned several times about 10 years ago. If you want great Korean BBQ, you need to go to KoreaTown area of Garden Grove. There are a hundred Korean BBQ's along Garden Grove Blvd between Brookhurst and Beach Blvd. Try a place called New Seoul BBQ. All the spicy pork you can eat!

  2. I agree that their quality went downhill when I last went a year ago. That's too bad -- it was my favorite place for a long time too. Their price also increased too much.

  3. This was my Son's FAVORITE place to eat as a weekend Dad (Divorced) I was only too happy to take him there rather than a McD's we got to know the family that owned the place Mom (Kate or Kathy) was the greeter occasionally gramma was there too, Dad ran the kitchen and Maria was their daughter and she had a number of her school friends that bussed the was Olga if I remember she was from Columbia...anyway great food great people...they may have sold the place years ago as I would say Mom and Dad would be in their 60's now

  4. Wow...........I leave Orange County for a measly 12 years and this is what happens? Sad. I never new any of the staff or owners' names but I remember their courtesy just as much as the miso soup they'd serve, the delicious and diverse meats and vegetables available, the sushi, the yummy baked mussels, the fun of cooking the food yourself, and, as mentioned above, always having to shed my clothes immediately upon arriving home because I smelled like one of the stainless steel chimneys hung over each table. I sadly discovered on Google Earth that Picnic Garden is gone, did a little searching, and found this site, and the bad news that it bears. At least I left OC before the quality "went downhill," as attested to above. Oh well; nothing lasts forever.

  5. We've always like Seoul Garden on Red Hill in Tustin. It's just north of the 5.


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