Saturday, September 18, 2010

George Key Ranch, Placentia

Anonymous recalls running through George Key Ranch in Placentia while it was still owned by him...

Mr. Key's garden, Placentia early 1960's. I recall getting "caught" while running around in his large garden with it's massive trees and little dirt trails leading in many different directions. He was very nice to us, telling us we could play in his garden, but that we needed to stay on the dirt trails. Placentia was just starting to build new tract homes nearby. I found a website about the house and gardens. It's now part of the O.C.Parks Dpt. at 625 N. Bastanchury Rd.

There's a lot more to read about George Key Ranch here..


  1. I was married at The George Key Ranch in 1995. It was an absolutely beautiful place with huge trees and the trails that the other poster remembers. It was like an oasis in an otherwise busy, bustling place.

  2. Yes, the gardens are still pretty much entact. Check out the park's website for details:

  3. Sadly, George Key passed away in 1989.

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