Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Disneyland Hotel Murder in 1969

An anonymous OCThen reader recalls hearing about a murder that took place at the Disneyland Hotel in 1969 and wanted to know if any has more info on it...

Does anyone remember a murder in July of 1969 at the Disneyland Hotel? A man was found dead inside his room. I just read about it in a book but cannot find any information of this case anywhere. I'm guessing Disneyland did a good job of "erasing" all reference of it for their public relations image. But it wasn't that long ago, maybe some of you might remember hearing/reading about this in the news?

Perhaps if Anonymous could provide the name of the book, and any other details it provides, it might put some Googlers to work.


  1. No, but I'm looking for information about a cult/devil murder of a school teacher from Missions Viejo. It happen in San Juan Capistrano. Not sure of the year, maybe 1960-1970.

  2. I think I read the book that Anonymous is referring to. It's called "One Police Officer's Experiences, Deputy Sheriff to Chief of Police" written by Retired Anaheim Police Chief Harold Bastrup. He wrote about that murder because it happened while he was a police liason to Disneyland. Pretty interesting stuff! Of course you won't find anything written about it anywhere else. Disneyland is good at "erasing" bad press.

  3. I can tell you everything about this murder. Email me @ if interested.

  4. Umm I wish u would just post it on here


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