Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strawberry Festival and Fields of Orange County

An anonymous OCThen reader remembers the Strawberry Festival and several other "freakin cool" stuff that was unique to Orange County...

Alot of people dont remember the things that were soo freakin cool and unique to OC, like Costa Mesa's fish fry parade on Harbor, or Knotts Scary farm back when they could chase you down the street, remeber how awsome the OP pro used to be?, how about the strawberry festival, best of all- the strawberry fields, I remember riding bikes with a bunch of buddies and sneaking onto the strawberry fields and just feasting on those bad boys until the guy with the whip came and chased us away.
Does anyone remember the jungle jumps in Los Alamitos?
Good times, glad I grew up in the "real" OC!

I used to remember the Christmas Parade that would run through downtown Santa Ana in the 1980s. I used to work at the central library there, and would crawl up to the roof and watch the parade from there.


  1. Such fabulous memories growing up in the OC back in the 60s! I remember taking my much younger sister to the Strawberry Festival - she had just gotten her first haircut and was wearing a little hair band to hold her bangs back. We always remember those two things together - her first haircut and the Strawberry Festival.

  2. One of the first "dates" I had while attending Saddleback HIgh in 1971 was riding our bikes through the strawberry fields from my house in Santa Ana to the sea at Huntington Beach. It was a quiet sunny Sunday morning, and no one around, and we also stopped to pick and eat a few berries - very romantic.

  3. I grew up in Garden Grove and remember the Strawberry Festival that happened each Memorial Day weekend. Good to know it's still going on.


  4. What were the Jungle Jumps?!

  5. i remember my mom stopping at a road side stand (with the strawberry fields right behind it) and buy flats of strawberries in pint baskets. definitely missed that when we moved from Santa Ana in 1981

  6. I loved buying strawberries from the stands all around O.C. They tasted wonderful and we bought lots of them each season.

    I have a morbid memory that happened around 1973. My apartment was on Ball Road near Sunkist Road in Anaheim not too far from the #57 freeway. I woke up one night hearing helicopters overhead and the next morning a policeman knocked at my door. He was going around the complex investigating to see if anyone saw anything....a cab driver had been murdered in the strawberry fields right across the street from my apartment building. Scary!


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