Saturday, September 11, 2010

91 Freeway Widening Santa Ana Canyon

An anonymous reader asks about a set of stairs and a waterfall visible off the 91 freeway at the Santa Ana Canyon...

With the 91 freeway widening in Santa Ana Canyon a Ste of stairs and other rock walls are visable. Anyone know what was here in the bygone days?

Also a Waterfall is now visable. This should be a traffic stopper in the rain.


  1. My husband checked with his CalTrans contact when those walls first became visible a year or so ago. The CalTrans archaeological team says the walls were part of an old community named Alta Vista.

    I keep forgetting to dig through the old newspapers and property records to find out more about that community, but I'll try do do so this week.

    Colleen Greene
    Orange County Heritage Coordinating Council

  2. Fascinating!! Everytime I saw those walls and steps I would "pray" that they would preserve those. Can't wait to here more about them. Post pics if you come across any.

  3. I remember in the 60's when there used to be two houses on the side of the hill there when driving out to visit my Grandparents in Chino. They were painted Red and the one had a fake rocket sticking out of the roof around the chimney!


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