Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Favorite Restaurants in Orange County

OCThen reader Andylynne remembers all of her favorite places to eat in Orange County...

Orange Co. was a wonderful place to grow up. I grew up on Vista Del Gaviota, and Black Oak Rd. Orange Co. Gave me many memories of the great restaurants we used to frequent. Does anyone remember the Cape Cod house on Harber Blvd I think? We used to eat out on Saturday evenings. There we so many great old restaurants. The snack shop in Orange, The chicken pie shop in Ahaheim. The first Sizzlers where you had to order from the window, and go pick up your food.

Any one remember Save-On Drugs ice cream? Every Friday after dinner my mom took me for an ice cream cone, at least during the summer. The Chili Pepper in Santa Ana. And Gilmores restaurant and minature golf on Lincoln ave. We ate at Knotts Berry Farm for chicken for special events. Don't forget the Boysenberry pie, it was my favorite.

I remember one of the first Mc Donalds, and of course Burger Chef. I forget the little pink hamburger stands name, across the street from Chapman College (University now) their burgers were the best! I remember when the first Marie Callandars opened on Tustin ave. and Then Polly's pies with the burger and Pie special. Then there was the very politically incorrect Sambos restaurant, I loved the border around the ceiling. And last but not least for me THE Pancake house in orange not I-HOP, but the one in the big old house where you ate German pancakes, Lingenberry pancakes, and even good old fashioned regular ones. I never did get a taste for I-Hop until much later.


One of my favorite places was BJ's Pizzeria, (we used to call it Chicago Pizza Factory) just off of 17th St and Bristol in Santa Ana, which was the original location of the now renamed BJ's Restaurant and Brewery. They had sawdust on the floor and red & white checkered table cloths. That location is now gone, and I under the original owners are no longer in charge.

Also Rubino's Pizza, which had a several locations in OC, but namely the one in Santa Ana on Main St and MacArthur.

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  1. Andylynne,

    This is really a small world. We lived on Canal St., in Orange, right down the street from Vista del Gaviota. There is someone else in this archive whose relatives lived in the white house on the corner of Lincoln and Orange-Olive Rd, across the street near Eisenhower Park. There was a weird church there- "Church of the Tazaddi", remember?

    I remember the pancake house on Lincoln- I don't know if it's still there, we live out of state now. I presume the Snack Shop in Orange is still CoCo's. My step-dad worked at a construction company who built all the JoJo's and Naugle's restaurants. I think they were part of the Coco's chain. Before we moved to Orange, we lived in Corona del Mar. I went to school with John McIntosh, whose father started the Snack Shops, and later turned into CoCo's

    I remember Sav-On's ice cream, but don't remember if it was good. We used to frequent the Sav-On on Katella and Tustin. There still is a little stand across Chapman University- if you go on Google street view, you can see it- I don't know if it serves food or just ice cream. I think it is painted white with a blue border. Is the Chili Pepper the restaurant on the corner of Main and Chapman in Santa Ana? Is it still there?

    I haven't lived in CA for 10 years, and would like to visit.


  2. The Chili Pepper is still going strong and turning out excellent meals for reasonable prices. A friend and I had lunch there on Wednesday. I love that place!

    Many of the other places you mention are gone now. The Snack Shop/Coco's in Orange is now something else that I don't remember.

    The La Palma Chicken Pie Shop was still open in Anaheim the last time I checked. Same food. Possibly the same staff.

    Vista del Gaviota is still one of the funniest street names in Orange County. Is that "view of the seagull" as in, "I can see a seagull from here!" or as in "the seagulls can see our street." Either way, it's pretty weird Real Estate Spanish.


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