Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Looking for Justin Tusk

BajaBlond says she's been looking for Justin Tusk, who apparently was a musician that played a lot of gigs in OC...

I just found this web site, and was looking for Justin Tusk from years past. What about the great guys that were Bob Joly's other sound's. Rick Myers and Chief Wilson,along with Bob Joly made the sound's of the packed night life of the then Ruben's and other like resturant night club HOT spot's.They were from Tustin to Brea La and more. They were HOT and not to be stopped. They are very missed....Yesterday's New's Letter Lady for Justin Tusk...


  1. Bob Joly, and Rick Myers spend the Majority of their time as co-owners of Jim's Music Center over in Tustin, and they run the store with as much personality as they had on stage.

  2. I have very fond memories dancing to the music of Justin Tusk back in the day! My best friend James and I danced about six nights a week, and Justin Tusk was one of the groups we followed to most of their venues! Chief was not only an ace drummer but hilarious, too! Loved those guys!!!


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