Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Campground Partying in the OC

NovaDude wants to know if anyone out there partied in the campgrounds of Orange County...

Ahhh, lets see, The Ortega hot springs, and Trabuco Cyn campgrounds, and Laguna Canyon Rd in about hmmm,, 1969... anyone remember the parties?? Christy, Patty, Trisha, Lisa Morgan...

Yeah we had parties, but sad to say the ones I went to were all indoors at someone's house. Campground partying is something I've only now begun to revel in with my motorcycle-riding pals. If anything came close it was hanging out at the Newport Beach pier at night with some friends, but that's about it.

And we never camped in Orange County. Camping was always well away from OC, usually out in the deserts of Anza Borrego.


  1. Does anybody out there remember the punk parties at the "white house" in santa ana located on first st between bristol and flower in 1990-1991? That was when the punk scene was out of control in the OC. This guy I think his name was Rudy threw the wildest parties in that part of town. Live punk bands like Violent Outrage, Dogma Mudista, MFR and Total Chaos with a crazy mosh pit in the backyard of an empty house. Thanks dude for the great times.

  2. How about Ichabods in Fullerton, Lots of Punk Bands played there including Wall Of Voodoo

  3. ICHABODS! Holy Cow, I'd forgotten it entirely...and considering my 'lifestyle' then, I'm not surprised. That was a great jolt from the past, thanks!

    I also remember driving out the old Ortega Hwy to get to parties & the Trabuco Canyon ones too! I seriously doubt, no not doubt, I am sure this could never happen again. It was a rave before they had a name. Nova? I suspect we've crossed paths...


  4. I remember gangs of us going to Trabuco canyon to party driving at night in old cars looking at the trees and how dark it was. Such fun, parents had no idea but hey it was part of our youth

  5. I remember all of those parties in Santa Ana. Went to some that were in the 80's also. They got pretty out of hand at times. Once the cops came rushing in backyard and grabbed me by my mohawk telling me I was breaking the law for drinking a beer. I told him I was over 21, on private property, and that I wanted his badge number. I grabbed his badge and started reading off his number. Then everyone at the party started yelling 2748, 2748, 2748 and came towards the cop. He took off calling for more back up. I had to sneak over the back fence because the cops said they wanted to bust me for disorderly conduct and trying to incite a riot. Good times. LOL I was the singer for Violent Outrage and miss those days. BASH

  6. 1970 1971 I lost a bunch of brain cells at the partys we had in Trabuco Canyon and Holy Jim Canyon. Cheap Thunderbird Wine..Strawberry Hill for my girl, a case of Brew 102, a $10 bag of dirt weed and whatever else we could find in the moms med cabinet.OHH. Lilly F40s. But we always forgot the food

  7. Yeah we went from campsite to campsite toking on different colored joints, drinking all kinds of punch, taking all kinds of pills with funny names like, purple microdot, windowpane, orange sunshine, thank you Lord that i survived,

  8. WoW! This is a little scary! LOL! My name is Patty, in HS '72 - '76 my bff was a girl named Christy and the name Lisa Morgan sounds sooooo familiar! And ya, partied a LOT out in the canyons around OC...
    hmmmm.... I wonder... ???


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