Thursday, December 13, 2007

Placentia, CA in the 1970s

OCThen reader Lou grew up in Placentia during the 1970s and remembers the Chicano Power riots, the Fender guitar factory in Fullerton, and little league games...

I was born in Orange and grew up in Placentia (1964 - 1989). I have memories of the police and National Guard marching down La Jolla Street (one of the older OC barrios) in the 70's during the Chicano Power riots. It was chaos and I remember all the tear gas and crazy people. My best memories were the Little League games played at Valencia HS and Placentia parks. I remember the old Knott's Berry Farm too. We used to go there and get on the train ride in the free park that they used to have across the street Knott's Berry Farm. I remember the monkey zoo off of Raymond too. My mom used to work for Leo Fender in Fullerton. I remember going to a lot of cool 70's concerts at the Fender factory. The 70's in Placentia were NEVER boring. So much crazy stuff, music, and so much to do! It was cool growing up in OC in the 70's and 80'!!! Lou

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  1. The "monkey zoo" off of Raymond Ave. could have been the one where they kept the movie star chimpanzees. There was a restaurant associated with that "zoo". This was the Palms Restaurant that was on orangethorpe and maybe Raymond. See

    This is not the Monkey Island place that was in La Habra.


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