Saturday, December 29, 2007

Buena Park Bigfoot - Brea Creek

Does anyone remember the "Bigfoot" of Brea Creek, in Buena Park?

Well, an anonymous OCThen reader does. This person submitted the following memory to us (he was also the same guy that sent us the Wham-O Superball story), describing a tall hairy beast spotted in a drainage channel in Buena Park...

Wow I wish I had found this site earlier.. I hope I get to find out more about the Superballs..

In the meanwhile another funny thing I remember was the Buena Park "bigfoot". It had to be very early 80s because I was attending Beatty Elementary School. Down at the northern-most end of Western, there's a drainage channel that used to run parrallel to the back of McComber Jr High. People claimed to have seen a "bigfoot" there. There was even a story in the Register, and a composite drawing of "it".

It turned out to be a very tall and hairy homless guy.. It was even on TV and I remember my friend got to wave at the camera.... Weird stuff.

I remember that kind of thing.. I could go on and on, Buena Park was still just a small place, there were lots of apartments, but not like now.. A lot of the houses are gone. Things like The Buttery or the Farmhouse resturaunts are now car lots, there's no more chickens running around Grand Avenue any more either..
I did some Googling on the Buena Park Bigfoot, and found a brief mention in the September 20, 2001 edition of OC Weekly...

Brea Creek. Site of Orange County's only reported Bigfoot (yes, that Bigfoot) sighting. In 1982, residents on nearby Franklin Street reported a smelly, hulking figure prowling around the drainage channel. Police took plaster casts of immense footprints and determined that the culprit was just a particularly large and unkempt transient. At least, that's what they want you to believe. Brea Creek underpass at Franklin and Beach.
I also found the following mention on page 90 of a book entitled, "Mothman and Other Curious Encounters" by Loren Coleman, published by Cosimo, Inc. in 2002...
In recent years, sightings of the strange three-toed Bigfoot have been reported from surrounding areas of southern California, notably the smelly eight-footer seen emerging from a drainage ditch in Buena Park, in May 1982.
Hmmm, so let's see, an eight-foot tall, hairy, human-like creature living in a drainage channel in Buena Park. I guess that explains how Knott's Berry Farm came up with the name "Bigfoot Rapids".


  1. I remember this well. I, too, was going to Beatty in the early 80s (followed by McComber & BPHS). I was quite obsessed with story. Even at that young age I found it quite silly that grown adults really believed that a mythical creature was living among us. Homeless folks were new to Buena Park at the time, it seemed. I remember seeing a tall, hairy homeless man around town and thinking it was probably him. One day, I saw that same guy walking north on Beach Blvd towards La Habra, and I said that is probably Buena Foot. I think he might have been leaving town, because he was never heard from again.

  2. I remember the story too. One of the local newspapers printed a picture of "bigfoot" from the back. It sounds like the same guy. He was a tall homeless man walking down the street with long hair, tattered clothes and was barefoot.

  3. Yes I remember this story well. I have photocopies of the original articles that were printed in the Los Angeles Herald Examiner of this event. The paper dubbed the creature "Buenafoot". It was also on one of the local TV news stations, either ch.5 or 9. Copies of these i do not have nor know anyone who does. I believe that the witnesses may have seen a bigfoot.

  4. thanks everyone .
    i knew i didnt imagine it .

  5. Haha! yeah..I remember this Buena Foot thing. It died down quickly though after we found out it was just a smelly transient. Some kids were excited at my elementary school as people in their apartment complex were being interviewed for the news. haha....great memories.

  6. I remember this so vividly, even wrote a short story based on our adventure to catch the bigfoot with a trash can, rope and a ham sandwich. We lived right behind McComber in the little housing tract next to big temple church. We went to a big opening kinda by the Windmill in the storm drain. We placed the sandwich on a paper plate and could not for the life us figure out how to set up the trash can trap. We heard some one coming out of the big hole, we got scared and ran for the fence, we climbed up the vines along the ditch and ran home. I got in trouble because i wasted ham and I ripped my pants jumping over the fence. My buddy got in trouble because we left the rope, but get this...he held on to the trash can. We went back the next weekend and everything was gone. I like to think I fed Bigfoot. True story. BP library was able to photo copy the BP news's story. So they have both on file and Phylis hooked me up with photo copies of the story and the picture of the homeless guy cruising down beach Blvd.


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