Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Old House in Fullerton

Ian R. Board, an OCThen reader, asks if anyone can offer information about a house he remembers seeing in Fullerton, during the years of 1983-1984...

I was wondering if maybe you could tell me a bit about a house I remember in fullerton from when I lived there in 1983-4.

It was on Yorba Linda blvd, a few blocks east of the 57 fwy. It was a big white, 2 story behind a high wall. It was surrounded by shopping centers. I thought it was pretty cool - it had a little remnant of an orange grove around it.

Anyway, I wondered what happened to it and looked on Google Earth. I didn't see it and figure it was torn down to build something utterly useless.Very sad if that is the case.

Do you know anything about this house?

If you can provide any information about this house, click on "Post a Comment" below.


  1. I believe you are referring to the Pierotti House. Go to this link for more information.


  2. I used to hang out at the house in Fullerton that is being talked about. One of the Schatzman (hope I spelled it right) boys and I hung out a lot in the late 70s. It sure was nice to read everyone's comments about Fullerton. I graduated in 1980, a year late, from the Fullerton Unified School District. Hope this helps.


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