Monday, December 17, 2007

9:35pm Disneyland Fireworks?

Dale writes to me asking why Disneyland fireworks are going off at 9:35pm, instead of 9:30pm. Living out here in Riverside County now, I don't get to see the fireworks anymore, so I don't really know what's going on at D-Land...


My son-in-law asked me why the nightly fire works go off at 9.35. Why not 9.30 or another time please let me know so I can get back to him as it is very embarrassing not to be able to answer someone that loves to know the facts.
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  1. I believe it's due to the length of the parade that precedes it. The parade starts at 9, the fireworks follow.

  2. i will have to time them now! I only remember that I had to be home before the fireworks show finished in the summertime growing up...

  3. I believe that in the early 80's the Disneyland fireworks started at 9pm. I worked as a counselor at Orange County Juvenile Hall, where we could see the fireworks from certain units. We knew if you could hear fireworks, the kids were supposed to be in their rooms for the night.

  4. The fireworks started immediately after the Wonderful World of Disney program ended. We would watch the show, then run outside to see the fireworks in our pajamas from our driveway. Wonderful times!

  5. I remember the fireworks starting at 9:00 in the 60's. In the summer we could stay up to watch them from our front yard and then it was bedtime. We would run out in our P.J.s and wait. The best was the "Grand Finally". We could also hear the steam boat horn from our

  6. Thr firewoeks start after whatever event is going on at the park, parades, musical shows, etc. They dont want to make it harder to pay attention for the paying guests inside, so they put off the fireworks until the program is over. We could set our watches by those fireworks. When we were cruising the block at Harbor and Katella.[picking up jarheads on weekend libertty, the noise was very helpful to give us a hint to wrap up the night!


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