Friday, February 12, 2010

Doctor's Hospital of Santa Ana

A couple of OCThen readers submitted memories of Doctor's Hospital in Santa Ana, on 17th Street. I don't particularly remember this place, but based on my Googling, I think they're talking about the building where Kindred Hospital now sits, in the old Honer Plaza, across from Santa Ana College.

Kindred is now a long term acute care facility. But I do remember there being a county-run clinic nearby, or sharing the same building.

Anonymous said...

I was stationed at El Toro 56-57-58 and shopped at the Market Basket grocery in Tustin. Is it still there? Red Hill Ave in Tustin you could see the base on a clear( El Toro) day. Also does anyone know if the Doctor's Hospital on 17th street in Santa Ana is still there or not? My oldest son was born there in Feb,1958. I took him there on one of my trips and took his picture in front of the hospital. Dr. N. John Thysell was his Dr. Just curious. Loved southern California back then. Went to Newport Beach and Laguna Beach a lot. Lots of good memories

Leslie said...
How well I remember Dr's hospital. All four of my children were born there, and Dr. Thysell was my doctor also.


  1. I was at Kindred in Santa Ana almost every day in 2009, visiting my mother. There was a cool plaque on the building, near the entrance that read, "DOCTOR'S HOSPITAL". Ohter than that, it looked relatively modern. I grew to hate that place.

  2. I was a candy striper at Doctor's Hospital in the early 80's. I wonder if Dr. Thysell was married to my kindergarten teacher at Andrew Jackson in Santa Ana with the same name?

  3. I had my tonsils out at Doctor's Hospital.

  4. Does anyone remember ABC coins on Main Street in Santa Ana. I think the owner's name was Ron Webster. I used to ride my bike to his shop and spend my paper route money, I made 30.00 a month. He usually got half of it

  5. Does anyone remember Dr. Ron Marin (1977?)

  6. I was born at Doctor's Hospital in January of 1961 and later went to Hazard Elementary then Andrew Jackson Elementary in Santa Ana.

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  8. Market Basket in Tustin. The building is still there. It a Bally's gym now.


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