Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cowan Heights in the 1960s

funinsun2k writes about growing up in Cowan Heights in the 1960s...

I grew up in Cowan Heights in the foothills south west of Irvine Park. This was beginning in the very early 60's till about 1969 when we moved down "into town" to Tustin Meadows. One of my favorite memories from the Cowan Heights days was when me and my buddy would ride our minibikes to a spot on Chapman Avenue (near Newport Blvd. intersection). So, does anybody remember Bob and Jeans? It was a great little ramshackle buger joint/beer bar. We would go in and get a hot dog or chili burger and root beer. There was a mix of locals, ranch hands, bikers, hippies, and a few of us curious kids (I think my first time in a drinking establishment). Good food and a real cool spot full of nice folks. Sadly it's gone now like so much of our early O.C. memories. Anyhow, after our grub it was back on the bikes to either go by Irvine park, or just ride any of the endless trails we had long before disapperring due to development.

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  1. I remember Bob and Jeans. We used to ride our horses there on Saturday mornings, around 1972. I was only about 10 years old. This was my first time in a bar as well. We'd tie our horses up outside and eat enchilads for lunch. It was like the wild west, pool tables, smokey air. One of the waitresses had a hunchback. We were really scared of her! Afterwards, we'd ride over to a nearby swimming hole with a great rope swing.


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