Thursday, July 02, 2009

Mr. T's of Anaheim

Anonymous remembers going to Mr. T's of Anaheim, a restaurant that's no longer there...

I remember growing up in East Anaheim in the 70's and 80's right off of State College and Ball. The big restatraunt across from Carls Jr. would change names every 2-3 years. But the best memory was going to Mr. T's right off the corner os State College and Ball. It was a blast to the past, i actually worked there for a summer in 11th grade flipping burgers. I remember going there to play pinball almost daily, then saving enough money for a cheeseburger and fries. Mr T's was cool is it stll there??I have been gone from Anaheim since about 1991, i went back in 2000 for my best friends wedding, it has changed so much since the 70's and 80's.
Interestingly, another reader provided some info on Mr. T's, saying that's it changed to something else...


  1. No, Don't remember Mr T's Resturant. I was long gone from Anaheim in the 60's.
    How about The Palms Resturant, long dow Los Anglese street. Near Ball Road in the late 50'S.
    As I worked for The Anaheim Bullitin Newspaper on Broadway.

  2. That information is incorrect. El vaquero was not Mr. T's. El Vaquero was the olive pit or something like that. It was a fine restaurant back in the day. Mr. T's (building ) is still there much in the same form as it ever was. it is now a korean bbq place. Can anyone tell me the name of the owner? I'm actually writing a screenplay about the 84 ska scene and one of my characters gets a job there for summer. could you please contact me with some stories and any information regarding owner. I have lived in Anaheim for close to 40 years and remember fondly Mr. T's. It meant mini ice cream cones ...taquitos video games in the dark hall on the way to restroom. swinging chairs painted red/orange brown. Walls littered with sponsored highschool football teams basketball teams wrestling teams ...marching bands. I remember a hand painted sign that hanged over the main doors. it read: "approved workmen are not ashamed!" please contat me with stories:

  3. I believe that this same building was a tastee freez in the seventies.

  4. The last owner was the Tisthammer Family who sold it to the folks that changed it to the Korean joint. The son Jack, a college friend, later became involved in the sports equipment program at Canyon (sorta unretired). Great family.

  5. Above anonymous is correct. The Tisthammer family did own it. Co-owner, Jack, still resides in Anaheim.

  6. Mitch - Floral ParkJuly 06, 2010 12:21 PM

    I spent many an hour there. I would go there for their wonderful burgers and even taquitos. Thier softserv icecream was really good. I'd bring my dogs with me and get them bowl's of ice-cream too. :-)

  7. Mike said,,,

    I worked at Mr. T's on State College and Ball in 1985 when I was 16. It was my first job in California coming from Texas. I lived on the palm tree lined street of duplexes directly behind the shopping center easy walk to work. I can't remember the name of the street. I was only there for a little over a year, but i can remember Video Expo, Benihana's, El Torito, Angelo's, Joshua's, Jezabels, Huntington beach & Main street, and a sweet blond named Carol that worked at T's with me. Wonder what happened to her. I lived right across the street from the true Spicolli from the movie Fast Times @ Ridgemount High character, can't remember his name either.

    1. I know this is an old post but ran acrossed it looking for something. I worked at Mr T's 1985 (maybe 1986) for a couple of years in high school. After school and on the weekends. :) lots of great memories a fun place to work. Mr Tisthamer was super nice to me and I met my husband of now 20 years there! My name is Gina. Trying to remember a Micheal or a Mike...

  8. I loved Mr.T's. I lived in apts right down the street.
    1986 Katella H.S. Skip Fridays 4th period Spanish
    And grab a patty melt, fries, malt, and blow $5 on
    Pinball. Good Times.

  9. In the late 60's-70's it was a tastee freeze. I grew up around the corner. I remember taco bells in a bunch of locations that are now something else. Strawberry fields all over, thrifty drug stores, when carls jr actually had edible food.


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