Friday, November 30, 2007

Ridgeways Ice Cream Store - Santa Ana

An OCThen reader going by the name of "CoxPilot" asks if anyone remembers an ice cream store called "Ridgeways Ice Cream" located on 17th street, near the I-5...

Does anyone remember a Ridgeways ice cream store on east 17th st. in Santa Ana, right next to the 5 freeway (on the North side) by the RR tracks? (Last I saw of the building it was a Bar). I worked there in my last couple of years at S.A. High School. 1958-1959. Then went to work at the Flight Circle at Disneyland. Ridgeways sold primarily to restaurants, but had a couple of stores. They made all their own stuff. Moved from Calif. in 1996.
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  1. Used to go to Ridgeways in the early/mid 50's with my parents and sister after dinner for an ice cream, driving in our '50 Buick, always got chocolate chip, big chunks of chocolate, then we'd follow search lights, see where they led us, usually to a store opening or a car lot having a sale. Ridgeways went from bar to I believe now it's bail bonds.

  2. Walter Ridgeway was my great uncle. My mothers dad (who was Walters brother-in-law) had a dairy in Corona so Walter had direct access for his Ice cream business in Santa Ana. He and my great aunt Ava lived in the Floral Park section of Santa Ana with their 2 children. The extended family still stays in touch.

  3. Walter D. Ridgway was my grandfather. No "e" in Ridgway, my grandfather would send mail back to the post office if the "e" was present! I am Ava Ridgway. I was named after my grandmother who died in a car accident a few years before i was born. I would go to the ice cream plant with my father several times and remember it well. I also would go to the ice cream parlors and would make some wonderful ice cream cones myself. Every kids dream. Any extended family members out there, i would love to hear from you.


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