Saturday, November 24, 2007

Old Burger Stand on Main & Edinger

Brian wants to know if anyone can remember the name of a hamburger stand in Santa Ana, located on the NE corner of Main and Edinger...

I lived in Santa Ana 1963 thu 1966 our family used to buy burgers at a hambuger stand on the northeast corner of Main and Edinger. It was a great place real salty fries. I cant remember the name can anyone help?
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  1. I think it was called "Russ's". It might have been called "Beanies" before that. But, I think from '63 to '66, it was "Russ's" (or something very close to that). Maybe "Russ Burgers".

  2. It was Russ, they also had one on Newport Blvd. They had the best chili burgers. It later became Beany's named after the TV show Time for Beany. The biggest shock of my young life was when the beany puppets were there and I saw that they were so small. TV gave a totally different view of them, I even peeked behind the stage to watch them from the back. Mike Grant,

  3. There was a Russ's burger place on Newport Blvd., just south of 22nd street, on the the Southeast corner, set back from 22nd street about 100 feet, but very close to Newport blvd.. It was sort of a drive-in place, with a googie-style roof, the colors were, as I recall, red and white.

    It was one my folk's favorite take-out burger place and I think it was there until the early 60s, perhaps '61 or '62. Currently, I believe there is a Stater Brothers market at the site now.

    BTW, there favorite place was a place called, "Tubby's" on what they called 'Highway 39', (Beach Blvd.), just a bit south of Garden Grove Blvd. Dad liked the burgers; mom like the fried chicken.

  4. Russ' Hamburgers had three locations. One in Santa Ana and two in Costa Mesa. Carl Russell also owned the Blue Dolphin Restaurant on Lido Isle.
    Bill Russell

  5. Russ's had the best chili burgers. I always went to the one on Newport Blvd. Much better than McDonalds or any other fast food place

  6. What great information....I remember eating at the Blue Dolphin with my Mom on those special outting days....I have a vivid memory of the Dolphin on the wall....Thanks


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