Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Old Films About Knott's Berry Farm

Bill Beeman, one of the original members of the WagonMasters, submits the following e-mail about a couple of old films about Knott's Berry Farm...


November 29, 2006

In the late fifties there were two made for TV films about Knotts Berry Farm by Bill Burred Productions. "A FAMILY BUILDS A MOUNTAIN," about the Gold Mine Ride and "COME AND GET IT," about The Chicken Dinner Dining Room and Momma Knott's kitchen. The films were in black and white. They were aired several times on Los Angeles Stations and were later made available from Knotts in 16 mm sound for loan to Schools and various organizations. Background music for "A FAMILY BUILDS A MOUNTAIN" was performed by, Billy Beeman and Harvey Walker. I had a copy of the film that I showed in a number of Garden Grove Schools while I was teaching there in the 1960s. I do not know what happened to the films after the passing of Walter Knott. If anyone knows whether or not a print of "A FAMILY BUILDS A MOUNTAIN" is still around, please contact me,

Billy Beeman
Contact Billy at the e-mail address above, or "post a comment" below if know anything about these films.


  1. This blog reminds me of that show California Gold.

  2. The Orange County Archives recently received a large collection of historical materials from Knott's Berry Farm. Prints of both "A Family Builds A Mountain" and "Come And Get It" are included in the collection.

    We are currently working on digitizing the films, organizing more than 20,000 Knott's-related photos, and gathering additional relevant information and documents for a "related materials" collection.

    The O.C. Archives is home to a unique collection of government records and other materials documenting the rich history of Orange County, from 1889 to the present. It is a public collection, operated by the O.C. Clerk-Recorder Dept, and is located in the Old Orange County Courthouse in downtown Santa Ana.

    As for the films -- I've watched and enjoyed both, although "Mountain" is my favorite of the two.

  3. I think this site might keep me up all night..LOL.
    I seem to remember seeing on TV a short film about Knots, I think 40-45 years ago? It showed a little about the Park but mostly showed his wife & her Chicken dinners & the Jams & Jelly’s.

  4. Hello, I was curious if anyone seeing the short films on Knotts saw any pictures of mannequins(dummies)in the park.I have been searching for pictures or video showing the cowboys and indians. I have a bunch I acquired through a guy who bought quite a few through a private sale at Knotts. Im trying to find out where they might have been located throughout the park.They were made in 1953. Please let me know at

  5. Hi Folks:
    I just did a google search with Bill Burred and found this site. My uncle, who moved from MA to CA in the 1940s was hired as a bit actor to play in films...although, none of us have ever seen them. We have however seen photographs of him in the role of a sultan and a diamond miner? (From what film I'm not sure) My cousin said Bill Burred was the man involved in making the films, so I'm assuming these were perhaps them. My uncle's name was Emile Cote. Does anyone know if copies of these films can be purchased?

  6. Does anyone know of the film that used to play inside of a covered wagon in Ghost Town?

    I remember as a kid watching this film over and over.


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  8. Does anyone know the name of a movie shot at Knotts Berry Farm in the late 70"s. I thought it was called Batman and ROBBERS.


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