Thursday, November 09, 2006

Circus Near Knott's Berry Farm

Thayla, an OCThen reader, e-mailed me asking if there had been some kind of circus located near Knott's Berry Farm. I don't know the answer, so I thought I'd put it out to everyone...

Hi Steve,
I used to live right on La Palma and Holder in the early 60`s. I was wondering . Do you recall a circus where the barn is at now for the Knotts stagecoach horses. I was told that there was a circus was the before the Knotts took it over . I do remember the pottery store and the Alligator Farm but I cant seem to remember what was next to them on La Palma & western .Was there a Circus ??
Thanks Bunches Thayla Barrett
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  1. I do not remember a Circus there. just a large grass covered parking lot with many trees used for Knott's. Right across the street on the Knott's property along La Palma Ave. were several tree houses where parents could pre-book for childrens birthday parties. They would provide food and a cake along with games for the kids.

  2. Knotts still offered mule rides well into the 60's and that area was either where you started your ride or where you dismounted.

    Scott, don't forget the duck pond!

  3. Does anyone remember the Monkey "farm" in garden grove almost at beach Blvd. I worked there as a kid.

  4. Does anyone remember the marionette show that you could see? I had a birthday party in a treehouse then saw a delightful show.


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