Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bloggers Wanted

If you love reading and writing about Orange County history, then consider becoming a blogger here on OCThen.

We need people willing to write about the people, places, and events of days-gone-by relating to Orange County, and engaging our readers to post comments.

Bloggers are expected to write often, as little as once per month, but preferably more.

The kinds of bloggers we're looking for...

  • People who spent a lot of time living in Orange County, or

  • People who spent a lot of time working in Orange County, or

  • People who are familiar with the history of Orange County.
These are UNPAID positions; you'd do this because you love to share your thoughts about Orange County. But as bloggers, we'll let you identify your website and organization in a byline on each article you post.

Contact me if you are interested (click here for contact info).

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