Monday, March 28, 2005

The Disney Way...

Anyone who grew up in Orange County and made regular trips to Disneyland through the years learned the "Disney way". When your parents paid $2.00 for parking at Knotts they had to pay $5.00 at Disneyland. When you could get a LARGE coke at Mc Donalds for $1.29, you knew you would be paying $3.00 for a medium at Disneyland. Where else were men not allowed in the park because of the length of their hair or woman because their clothing did not cover enough? YES! Disneyland had a dress code for the guests as well as the "cast".

I had a friend who worked in a souvenir stand and she had GREAT stories she had heard in the locker rooms about things that went on in he park. Back in the day of "E" tickets, guests from out of state would give my friend their left over ticket books. She would save them up through the year and in the summer when a group we wanted to see were performing in the park, she would use her pass to get us in and after the show we would use the free tickets. I remember the big story about the ride in tomorrowland where you went inside an atom, was the times they would find "under garments" I guess some couples would use try to use the "DARK" to get busy.

Do you think these were included in "Private Tours" that were being lead several times a year by Jim Hill, the New Hampshire man was ousted from the park for leading last week? He was reported to security when 2 woman who had paid for the Disney Tour accidentally got into his tour by mistake. Personally, I think there were 2 Reasons why the Disneyland CIA ran the man out of the "Happiest Place On Earth": 1) He was spilling inside info on the park that he had learned from stories left on his web site. And 2) HE ONLY CHARGED $25.00 and the park got $0.00!!! So do any of you have GREAT INSIDE STORIES from Disneyland of yester year??? How about the secret tunnel that ran under the park, so trouble makers could be whisked away?

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