Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Foothill Ranch

In 1988, my wife and I moved into a condominium in El Toro, off the corner of El Toro Road and Rancho Santa Margarita Parkway. At time, RSM Parkway ended at El Toro Road.

Beyond that, there was nothing. There was no Foothill Ranch. No WalMart, no Ralphs, no Mervyn's, not even a toll road. Just tumbleweeds and brush.

Of course, it's all changed now. Now, it's a piece of Heaven for any homeowner who happens to own a 5,000 sq ft. lot. And the traffic!

There was a time when the City of Lake Forest, had threatened to annex Foothill Ranch, because of the shopping centers there. I'd say it was good that they didn't. Since having moved out of Lake Forest since then, I've come to realize how political the city council of Lake Forest is. I'm not sure how much better the politics of Foothill Ranch is, but it can't be good for Lake Forest to expand its politics any bigger.


  1. We lived in El Toro (Lake Forest now) and Foothill and RSM and in Portola Hills. I really liked the early years when there was nothing there. And on occasion we are there to visit friends. It's been a year since we moved from there and I honestly have to say I really don't miss it as much as I thought I would. I really like Menifee. The people are not as snooty. But I do have to say, I wish there were a few more stores. But I guess in time Menifee too will be crowded.

  2. Foothill Ranch was annexed by Lake Forest, 8 or ten years ago...

  3. 11 years ago now, in 2000.


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