Tuesday, January 25, 2005


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  1. The Disneyland historians claim that the park was once an orange grove. The parking lot was an onange grove, but the park acerage was about 90% English Walnut trees. I stood there as heavy equipment removed the trees and dozed inem into burn piles.

  2. I wasn’t in California in 1955 & my family didn’t come back till 1956 when we moved to Balboa, 90% English walnut trees, that’s interesting to hear. Remember the old Strawberry field joining Disneyland? I’ve heard that Disney wanted that land for a long time once Disneyland became the huge Hit as it is today but the Old owner wouldn’t sell & Disney didn’t push the issue. When the Old Man died in the 1970’s I think?, his realities sold the land to Disney for a Hugh profit.
    My ex wife was on the cover of Time-Life Magazine with Walt Disney for a promo add. I think in the early 60’s. I’ve tried to find it on the Web with no luck, she had the Magazine but lost it.

  3. When I was in South Downey Junior High School in 1950, an elderly aunt was dating a man whose son, an artist at Buena Vista Studios, was in an auto accident and I went with her to visit him in the hospital. He told us about plans for a big Disney park with a "Mouse Ears" theme. I didn't believe him and I hadn't a clue what the "Mouse Ears" referred to. As a high school senior I recall visiting Disneyland the year it opened and shared with my girlfriend the twenty-five cent parking fee.

  4. larry trevet said, in 1959 i was in disneyland when my grandmother was visiting from washington. walt disney was walking through the park, met him, shook his hand, and took a black and white picture of walt. still have it. those were the good old days. i miss them.


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