Saturday, October 27, 2007

Little Red Inn of Tustin

An anonymous OCThen reader asks if anyone remembers the "Little Red Inn" located in Tustin, along with other Tustin eateries...

Hi Steve!
Once again I find my way to OCthen and going over the posted comments!Does anyone out there remember the "Little Red Inn" located in Tustin next to Tustin High School? I remember going in there and having a coke and french fries for a quarter! It sat on the corner of Laguna and (I think it was "B' street) in later years it changed hands, didnt ever go there for dinner. Then there was "Ruby's" cafe on El Camino Real, (next to Mitchells Market,) still had the juke box selections and catalog machine on the table tops! The cost was a nickle per selection! How about the Tastee Freeze across the street from Ruby's, Firday and Saturday nights would find the parking lot packed full of cars and kids! fond memories!OCthen!
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  1. I know the Little Red Inn! I started going there in the early sixties with my parents, Ed & Ethel Rigby. We lived about half a mile away on Woodlawn Ave, off of Nison Road. It was my mom's very favorite place to eat. I loved the onion rings that they served up

    I went to Tustin High School right next door, so it was a little bit of a hang out for us Tillers as well.

    Randy Rigby
    THS Graduate, 1971

  2. I remember eating at The Little Red Inn the day the big wrecking ball was tearing down the old Tustin High. I also remember Randy Rigby as a great guitar player. I went to Red Hill Elem, C.E.Utt, and Foothill.

  3. My brother was a dishwasher at the Little Red Inn!! So we went there all the time to eat. I grew up in Tustin, near Red Hill and Lillian Way. On Romanza on a little cul de sac. It was a really nice neighborhood back then. My brother and sister both went to Mater Dei for a year, and then Tustin High. I went to Marywood in Orange all four years and car pooled with 3 other girls from Tustin. Does anyone remember Joan Buck's dress shop in the Saddleback Inn? Her daughter Kelly and I went to school together, they lived around the corner. Such great memories.

  4. I remember The Little Red Inn. I would go there after school and then walk home. I lived on Beneta Way. I have driven by my old stomping grounds recently. After high school moved to the desert-Hesperia-for 30 years -now live in northern calif. Hi to all from Sue Rogers.

    1. I worked as a dishwasher at the Inn in te early 60's (my first job). Al and his wife (can't remember her name) were terrific people to a young teenager. We lived about one orange grove away from the Inn. Visiting Tustin is always a terrific nostalgia trip.

  5. I remember The Little Red Inn. A friend's brother worked there as a short order cook for a time.


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