Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dakind Bar in Costa Mesa

Orange County Memories Reader Baz Rebell asks:

Anyone recall the name of the tiny but fun little beer bar on Harbor near Adams in the late seventies? The owner married his hot little blond bartender who could imitate Marilyn Monroe to a tee. The barmaids were all sexy-spectacular but alas a liquor license killed the business. It was later sold and renamed 'dakind' but never regained its earlier luster.

Do you remember the bar in Costa Mesa that Baz is asking about?

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  1. From my friend Larry:
    Barry, Are you talking about the Sassy Lassie that was next to Kenny Shoes ? I spent “some” time there in the early 70’s and was given some very bad information one night from our own Mr. Frank (RIP) even if he claimed it was not him than night. I can relate to marrying the lady working behind the bar, I did that one night even if I hadn’t planned on getting married when I walked in for a few beers & some pool.

  2. the bar was called 'Bilbo Baggins', the bartender was 'Vince', who now (or did) operate(s) 'Patrick's pub' on Harbor, just south of Adams, near the corner of Fair. I knew his wife too, but I don't recall her name, possibly Vivian...

    Vince was a skate guard at the nearby ice rink (Ice Capades) in the late 70s, where I DJed as a s college student. They were a very attractive couple and enjoyed running the place.

    (OC) memories...

  3. My dad was part owner of Bilbo Baggins. I still have his old business card. I was only 3 or 4 at the time but I clearly remembered the rounded hobbit door and getting a shirley temple there : )


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