Thursday, November 28, 2013

What Used to Exist in Newport Beach

OCThen reader Bob King is putting together pamphlet about things that no longer exist in Newport Beach... 
Hey all.....graduated from Seal Beach Grammar School on PCH and 12th in 1948. Still go to Seal on occasion to visit with a couple of friends and to eat at Walt's. I have a ton of memories about Seal, Sunset, Surfside, Belmont Shore, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport, but I trying to remember the location of the Victoria Station Restaurant in Newport Beach and simply can't remember.  
 Can someone out there help this old dude? Need it as I am endeavoring to put together a pamphlet along the lines of "Things That Aren't Here Anymore".

Bob King
Newport Beach
The old Bison Ranch comes to mind.  It was an old restaurant and zoo where families could spend their afternoon and then snack on some bison burgers.  It was located along Jamboree Road where Bison Road intersects.

There was Merle's Drive Inn, located on MacArthur and PCH.  In the 1960's it was renamed "The Zoo" and then in the 1970s it closed down.

Also, Sid's Blue Beet, a favorite night spot located by the pier.  It changed hands was renamed "Blue Beet Cafe".

What you do remember about Newport Beach that doesn't exist anymore?

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  1. Newport and Balboa; Paddleboards, Chris Craft boat rentals (slow), chocolate dipped pineapple, Teddy and Lees restaurant; also grunion runs at Surfside Beach Colony before the sand left, antiaircraft bunker in the eucalyptus grove just East of Highway 101, the sound of the surf rolling up under the beach house at Surfside Beach Colony after the sand left, being able to walk 50 yards out into the ocean at Sunset Beach and the water was still under your armpits, pancakes at 6am at the restaurant at the end of the Seal Beach pier, and of course the Long Peach Pike and Cyclone Racer wooden roller coaster


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