Monday, January 07, 2008

An Old Orange County Joke

I read all of the Levitz Furniture Stores are closing and it reminded me of an old Orange County joke. When I attended Golden West College, about twenty years ago (yikes!), we students used to say we went to "UBL" (University Behind Levitz) when someone asked where we attended college.
I guess those days are now officially over. The students could say they attend "UBBT" (University Behind Bella Terra) but that doesn't hold the same punch.


  1. OMG!!

    I just squirted milk out my nose from laughing at that.

    I haven't heard that in YEARS!

    Thanks for the laugh

  2. Funny... That was exactly the same thing I thought when I heard Levitz was closing: "What will they call GWC now?!?"

    At least we still have "Tangerine Tech," "Cal State Disneyland," and the "University of Chinese Immigrants."

    (I don't make 'em up -- I just report 'em.)

  3. My former English teacher from high school used to call Cypress College UCLA--University of Cypress off Lincoln Avenue. I still laugh at that one.

  4. There's absolutely no reason to stop calling our beloved "Golden Waste," "UBL." There are many such monikers in the world that have survived their source material. The city of Rota, Spain, por ejemplo, is so named because of multitudes of pottery fragments that were found in the area ("rota" means broken). Long live "UBL!!"

  5. How can you guys not mention UCSB? University of California at Seventeenth and Bristol?

  6. UC Seventeenth & Bristol, that's my alma mater!


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